(Photos) Poppington Gallery Hosts ‘Paid In Full’ Art Exhibit

Paid in Full exhibit 1

“No ribs, no rice, no champagne,” surely comes to mind when looking at the two paintings in the above photo, and the beauty in the middle is the brainchild of it all. Burgeoning artist Rebecca Maria‘s first solo show paid homage to the classic film Paid In Full, featured at Poppington Art Gallery in NYC yesterday.

The exhibit, which featured Rebecca live-painting one of her 14 pieces of work, was accompanied by 80s and 90s-themed music, giving guests a feeling of nostalgia. “This is a great addition to the Paid In Full legacy,” one attendee noted, referencing the almost 40-year history that includes a movie, Eric B. & Rakim‘s album, and the true-life story of Rich Porter, Alpo and AZ.


Rebecca was extremely excited and thankful for the amount of support she received, even tweeting:

“This whole night was surreal.”

Dame Dash (who gave creative control of the gallery to his son, DamonBoogieDash,) flew in from L.A. to attend, and made sure to take a photo with the piece that captured the famous “Thursday car” scene he starred in with “Mitch” (Mekhi Phifer.)

In the past, Rebecca Maria has also painted other works including an ode to A$AP Yams, and a Seinfeld-inspired piece for Wale. We’re super excited to see what’s next for the young artist!

Photos via: Cookie for LifeIsTremendez || Rebecca Maria on Instagram


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