Interview: “From Drake And Beyond, Producer Mike Zombie Talks The Long Road To The Top”


It’s been over four years since Mike Zombie was introduced to the masses on what couldn’t have been a larger-scale. Not only did the New Jersey native place a beat with Drake on a song that would go on to be one of the Toronto superstar’s biggest tracks [“Started From The Bottom”], but he also inked a production deal with OVO. The future looked bright for the talented 20-year-old, but while he’s maintained a presence in music, it’s nowhere on the level that he (and everyone else) thought it would be by now.

Glances at his Instagram show the now-24-year-old still has an affiliation to OVO, often rocking clothing adorned with Drake’s signature owl. He is sure to post about new projects from the OVO camp and congratulates The Boy on his various successes throughout the years, but yet, the posts seem rather one-sided. There has been no sign of Zombie on the track on any of the aforementioned projects, from lesser-known acts like Roy Woods, up to the capo himself. And though Zombie has put out multiple projects of his own over the years (as he raps as well), there hasn’t been any posts from his labelmates about those either.
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Joe Budden x Marisa Mendez x Rory – I’ll Name This Podcast Later [Episode 64]

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.59.43 PM

The episode you were waiting for! Myself, Rory and Joe (mostly Joe) discuss Views, and things get pretty heated. I mean, we’re trending worldwide and all that, b.

Our Sleeper Songs of the Week are as follows:

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7 Things We Learned From The Weeknd’s Rolling Stone Interview


As he promised over the summer in his interview with GQ, the previously-mysterious The Weeknd is going to be doing a lot more interviews this go-round. Covering next month’s issue of Rolling Stone, the XO singer discussed everything from his relationship with Bella Hadid, to regrets about Drake, how he was discovered and more.

As per usual, we’ve rounded up the 7 most interesting tidbits we learned in the interview, so get the 411 below!
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And Who is Quentin Miller?

Quentin Miller x Drake_LifeIsTremendez

In the midst of the insanity that is Meek Mill’s timeline, we saw the name Quentin Miller dropped, though many of us had no idea who that was or why Meek cared to write his name. Basing it off of context clues, it would appear he has something to do with Drake‘s alleged use of ghostwriters, and once OG Maco chimed in, he confirmed this to be true.

During his series of tweets, Maco revealed that Miller has quite a few credits in the liner notes of Drake‘s album, while also noting that there were many other songs Miller went uncredited for – aka, he was the ghostwriter. He also said that they’re friends, and partook in this rant because he wants to get him his just due. However, it doesn’t seem like it was wanted:
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PartyNextDoor Grants His First-Ever Interview; Talks The Weeknd Comparisons, OVO + More


Much like The Weeknd when he was first introduced to the masses in 2011, PartyNextDoor has opted to remain somewhat of a mystery as his name grew over the last two years. Though he’s made public appearances at concerts and does maintain a social media presence, he’d yet to grant a formal interview until finally, FADER wooed him to be their cover guy for their April/May 2015 issue.

In the cover story, PND discusses the comparisons to The Weeknd - which have come in abundance since his start, and just like my previous mention of him, it’s kind of clear to see why.

“People throw that [Weeknd comparison] over me because I came at a time where people assumed I was there to fill a void,” he says, alluding to The Weeknd’s departure from the OVO fold in 2012. “A lot of things that came out of Toronto were darker at the time. But me? I’m all about colors. I’ll flip samples where one’s a completely dark song and the next one is a complete sexual song. People think my whole thing is a dark thing, but I don’t.”

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Drake’s Vocal Coach Reveals The List Of Steps He Took To Improve His Voice

Drake x vocal coach

Since his introduction to the masses in 2009 (2007 if you ask the hardcore fans,) Drake has steadily progressed his skills as a rapper and a singer. While progression in rapping is more about the writing, it takes a complete lifestyle change to improve one’s singing, and his vocal coach Dionne Osborne recently revealed what it was that Drizzy did to do so.

Find out what Drake did below.
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