(Photos) 7 Rappers & Their Non-Famous Baby Mamas! (Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz & More!)

rappers baby mamas - 2 Chainz x Heaven

Rappers baby mamas are often hidden from their social media, as that part of their lives usually happened before the fame, and there’s a variety of factors that leads to the need for privacy. Often times it unfortunately is because the caliber of woman is way below the type they’ve become known for dating, and the boogawolf being discovered may be a little damaging to the rep they’ve attempted to build, but it also can be because of the woman’s desire to be out of the limelight, not only for personal reasons but for safety reasons as well.

This doesn’t fly for everyone, as there are plenty of baby mamas who came after the fame, and though they may not necessarily be celebrities as well, they’re probably at least Instagram famous. You know how these chicks do these days! However…this post isn’t about them.

I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to the caliber of women these guys had before the money and the fame, so I’ve put together a few of the rappers baby mamas list below. Check out who Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz and more were with way back when!

[Pictured above] 2 Chainz, his daughter’s mother Kesha and their daughter, Heaven:
2 Chainz and Kesha have been together for a long time, and they are either engaged or married. Glad to see this one went the distance!

Meek Mill and his son’s mother, Fahdy:
Rappers baby mamas - Meek Mill x Fahdy x son Papi
Meek Mill and Fahdy were together before the fame, and have a toddler son who they affectionately refer to as “Papi.” They’re no longer together but they get along, as he spends a good amount of time with his son.

French Montana’s ex wife and son’s mother, Nadeen:
rappers baby mamas - French Montana x Nadeen x son Kruz
French Montana married Nadeen way before the fame, and the pair welcomed a son, Kruz, in 2009. The pair divorced in 2013, and French has gone on to have high-profile relationships with rapper Trina and reality star Khloe Kardashian.

Juelz Santana’s first son’s mother, Brhea Phoenix:
rappers baby mamas - Juelz Santana x Bhrea x son Laron
Juelz and Bhrea dated in the early 2000s, and welcomed a son in 2003, LaRon Jr. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make the relationship work. He is now dating model/reality star Kimbella, and the pair have 2 kids together, a boy and a girl.

Maino and his son’s mother, Zakia Baum:
rappers baby mamas - Maino
Maino and Zakia have one son together. Zakia went on to star in TLC’s “Starter Wives,” but the show was taken off the air before we got to know much about the rapper’s ex.

Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter’s mother, ???:
rappers baby mamas - machine gun kelly x mgk x daughter x casie
We don’t know too much about the mother of MGK‘s daughter Casie, except that they’re no longer together. I believe I read once in an interview that they never really dated and it was more of a sex thing, but I can’t confirm that. They seem to have a great relationship, as the rapper once thanked her on Mother’s Day for always weathering the storm with him.

Rick Ross and his son’s mother, Tia Kemp:
rappers baby mamas - Rick Ross x Tia Kemp x son
We all know the infamous story of Tia, after 50 Cent had some photo-shoot fun with her in 2009 at the height of his feud with Ross.

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