#WCW: Time To Bring Girl Power Into Hip-Hop!


Nicki Minaj, Igga Azalea and hopefully soon Remy Ma are making their way up the charts, and although they are often pitted against each other, it’s a blessing and very rare in hip-hop to have more than one relevant “femcee.” After Remy was released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in New York earlier this week, she went straight to the studio to work on what was originally purported (by the media) to be a diss track to Nicki and Iggy, a remix to DJ Khaled‘s “They Don’t Love You No More.” She later went on to clarify that it certainly was no diss, and that she’d actually like to work with both of the ladies on a future release. Great, one flame put out…but a new one sparked up the very next day.

Ashley Spinnelly

In what many believed to be a deliberate passive-aggressive move to dull Remy‘s buzz, Beyonce released her much-anticipated remix to her hit “Flawless” that featured none other than Nicki Minaj. However, that move certainly pales in comparison to what happened next. Lil Kim…yes the “Queen B,” Royal Reign’s mother…released a remix to the remix of “Flawless” that NO ONE cared about – taking shots at both Nicki and Remy! Girl, sit down!

Am I tripping or did this hoe just say my name
Queen of Rap? F-ck outta here
The queen’s back, F-ck outta here
Time to get this wack b-tch up outta here
I woke up like this
F-ck outta here

I just had a baby about a week ago
These b-tches got me on my bully yo
Look at this sh-t
Still got my d-ck stuck on her lips
I ain’t even stunting the bitch
Damn it’s a shame
I gave you the rope, b-tch I want you to hang

At this point, Kim is just being a petulant child, begging and pleading for attention by throwing a tantrum (or a diss track) when she doesn’t get her way. Lil Kim will forever be one of the greatest females to ever touch a mic and a pioneer for all aforementioned names, but she is slowly diminishing her legacy by engaging in feuds with artists who don’t even retaliate. This is the equivalent of the mom you see in the supermarket wearing a tube-top and short shorts trying to relive her glory days.

I would very much love to see female rappers unite rather than tear each other down, and there’s no better time than now. With so much talent out at the same time, I’m excited to see what is to come of it. GIRL POWER!

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