(Video) TIP Speaks On Joining Trump Protest in NYC on Jimmy Kimmel


TIP has been one of hip hop’s most vocal advocates for Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism and police brutality. His latest EP Us or Else, served as a soundtrack to the protests held around the country, while the artist encouraged the country to get out and vote on November 8.

In the wake of Trump‘s election on Wednesday, thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City, including TIP. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, he said that he happened to be recording at a studio not far from where protestors began gathering and decided to walk over.

He mentioned a few people recognized him and rather than fanning out, they thanked him for joining the cause. While TIP realizes that the damage of the election has been done, it’s still important to set an example.

Nobody in their right mind can ever assume that by gathering and going somewhere and showing your incredible distain for a decision that the nation has made, will actually do anything immediately. However, when I look at my kids in the eyes after this thing takes place, I voted and did everything I could have done prior to now, but after the decision of the election that happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and make sure they know I did everything that the Constitution allows me to do to show my objection to this decision.

TIP later performed “Black Man” but interestingly enough, it didn’t air on ABC.

Watch the interview with Jimmy Kimmel below.


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