(Video) Jeremih Sings Your Text Messages in New Nissan Commercial

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Imagine having your text messages serenaded to you by your favorite R&B singer! Jeremih is the new face of Nissan‘s “Hands Free Text Messaging Assistant”, a new feature to be included in the 2014 Nissan Sentra released last November. In the crazy cute commercial, Jeremih politely offers to read a woman’s text messages to her as she enjoys her ride in her new Nissan Sentra on the way home to enjoy movie night with her husband. Now, this is just me, but if I had Jeremih in my car singing to me, I probably wouldn’t be on my way to see my husband! Jokes aside, this is a great innovation to reduce the risk of texting while driving, and you can even ask the Assistant to respond to texts for you. Now you can keep in touch while safely you enjoy the road. Jeremih not included.



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