(Video) Drake & Chris Brown’s Feud May Have Been Reignited


We’ve not even gotten a solid 2 months of the peace treaty between longtime enemies Chris Brown and Drake, and it looks like it’s already come to an end! Well, maybe.

As previously reported, one aspect of the current ‘Drake vs. Lil Wayne‘ tour is a battle, where the two platinum-selling superstars go toe-to-toe performing some of their biggest hits. One such hit for Wayne is his feature verse on Chris Brown‘s “Loyal,” which Tune performed during the battle segment of their Chicago stop on Sunday night.

As Tune‘s verse wrapped up, Drake was sure to let his mentor know that “that sh*t sound like a f*cking car commercial and sh*t. That’s what y’all cheering for?” Hmm! Now we know that “trash talk” is a part of the show as it ties in with the theme, but it’s an interesting choice of words for a rather touchy subject, no? It becomes even more sketchy when you consider recent events, too.

Chris was scheduled to appear with Drake and debut their new collab with a live performance at last weekend’s OVO Fest, but was forced to pull out after his team realized he’d never be able to get into Canada with a record. Fine, that’s understandable. However, Drake went on to have a rather odd moment during his set, where he either dissed or made a pass for the woman they’ve feuded over for so long, Rihanna.

As he performed his 2013 song “Days In The East” (which has been rumored to be about Rih,) Drake flashed images of a fiery Rihanna on the screen behind him, in between flashing images of fiery 6′s. Originally believed to be a roundabout way of calling his former flame the devil, Drake was sure to clear it up by tweeting,

“My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6. The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It’s all love!!”

This did not, however, explain why he showed pictures of her while rapping about wanting a woman to take a flight out to him, amongst other things.

And it doesn’t stop there. The very next weekend, Chris was spotted hanging around Rihanna at her L.A. tour stop with Em, while also showing her some social media love. (Meanwhile, Karrueche is out in Istanbul making appearances and things.) Is Rihanna once again creating a rift between Chris Brown and Drake?

Thus far, we’ve gotten one studio session (which spawned one yet-to-be-released song) and one on-camera appearance (at the 2014 ESPYs) from Drizzy and Breezy as a duo, but if things keep going like this – it seems like that could be it for a while. Do you think there really is more beef brewing, or are we reading too into it? Check out the video that a concert-goer captured in Chi-Town below and let us know your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Karla Moy

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