(Video) Chris Brown Speaks To ABC News About Baylee Curran Setting Him Up

chris brown

Chris Brown has addressed the circus he was involved in last week lightly in social media posts, but now he’s speaking out for the first time in an official video. In a clip made for ABC News, Breezy maintains his innocence, and promises that the world will soon know the real story.

“I cannot wait till the truth comes to light about this incident and this situation,” he said. “You know, because my character’s been defaced and who I am as a person and my integrity. I’m glad that all my real supporters know me, and know the truth and see the truth.”

Curran has handed over her cell phone to police, as they investigate the alleged texts she sent about setting Chris up. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, also spoke to ABC News, revealing that police are currently going over the footage from Chris’ security cameras. He said:

“There was a search that was done. They went in, and said they had a description of the piece of jewelry. Not found in the house. They went in, a gun, not found in the house. There’s no Chris Brown waving a gun [in the security footage.] No Baylee looking at a box of jewelry.”

Chris is due in court on September 20.

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