#TBT Mixtape: Nicki Minaj – Playtime Is Over


In April or May of 2007 (my sophomore year of college,) I was riding in the car with my then-boyfriend, excitedly listening to Lil Wayne‘s new mixtape The Drought 3, when I heard a really dope female voice on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” Interest piqued (as I always appreciate a dope chick,) I picked up the case to see what name was listed, and made a mental note to Google “Nicki Minaj” when I got home later that day.

After some Googling in my dorm that night, I landed on her MySpace page, and I was excited to see she was SUPER fly, and had a few more really good songs as well. Being the random person that I am, I sent her a message and told her how much I was feeling her stuff, and asked how I could get my hands on more. She wrote back pretty quickly and was super sweet, thanking me and letting me know her debut mixtape would be dropping in about a month. She even left one of those ridiculous glittery “showing love” GIF’s on my comments that we all used to use. LOL!

For the next few weeks, I would randomly check her page, and as soon as the pre-order link for Playtime Is Over went up, I was on it!

In the midst of that time, I had gone to a party in NYC that I saw Remy Ma was hosting (love her too!) and while there, I saw this REALLY familiar looking girl walk in with 2 of her friends. I was trying so hard to think of how I know her, but before I could figure it out, she walked away. A few minutes later, it hit me – that’s Nicki Minaj! I jumped up and ran toward where she’d walked, hoping I could catch her, and sure enough, I was able to. And long story short, that’s how I was put on to Nick and that’s how I know her.

Fun fact – I convinced Funk Flex to play a Nicki song for the first time in August of 2009. I was an intern at the time! Funner fact – I (along with a few others in the car) convinced Nicki to finally get on Twitter during a 2009 Beam Me Up Scotty press run, and I created her page!

Playtime Is Over is one of my favorite bodies of work from Nicki, and my favorite song of hers of all time lives on this one – “40 Bars.” Listen and download the mixtape below.

Marisa Mendez

Marisa is a media personality, while also working on the digital side of things for some of hip-hop's biggest names. She has done work with French Montana, Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and many more.

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