That NJ Ish: Get To Know Dibiasi


For this month’s installment of That NJ Ish, we highlight Dibiasi. As his latest release, “Round Here,” rotates around the Tri-State area’s radio and club scene, we chopped it up with him to find out more about him.

Being from Hudson County and so close to Jersey City, MMR (Many Man Records) was a crew that I’ve heard about for a few years. When I met Dibasi in August, it was evident as to why he is one of the stand-out members in the collective. He walks into SUVAS in Jersey City carrying himself the way he describes himself: cocky and confident as if he’s the owner of the building and almost rightfully so. Throughout our interview, several people see him in the store window and nod their heads at him showing that he’s home and one of those guys that is always moving around the city.

To get to know a little more about Dibi, I asked him about his influences, his writing process, being from Jersey City, and more. Check out what he had to say below and be sure to check in next week for his That NJ Ish freestyle.
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(Video) That NJ Ish: Mike Zombie Freestyle


At our first “That NJ Ish” meetup with this month’s spotlight, OVO producer, Mike Zombie, we got to see some new colors from the bold and brash South Jersey star! The only thing better than picking Mike Zombie‘s brain (get it? Zombie? Brain?) during a fun round of “This Or That,” is getting to know him in the best way he can tell his story — through his raps. Zombie opened his exclusive freestyle with an homage to Jay Z‘s verse on his own production, “They Don’t Love You No More.”

With his 609 chains prominently displayed, Mike Zombie let us know exactly what’s on his mind since entering his new career as a producer. “All my shit is massive, let’s get this shit to the masses,” Zombie raps. He continues, “Tired of playing beats for boys I’m better than.” We personally know Mike Zombie not for being cocky, but for knowing his own capabilities and going hard by his damn self, and so we love when talks that NJ ish!

Check out Mike Zombie‘s freestyle below.

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LIT EVENTS: 10 More Best Take-Aways From the #JerseyMusicMeeting Part 2


For our 2nd edition of the Jersey Music Meeting, artists from all across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut were treated to some heavy knowledge bombs from a new round of panelists consisting of a few elite faces of the radio and music industries.

Taking over Elizabeth, NJ’s Dolce Lounge once again, our exclusive panel included Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff and Megan Ryte, Scottie Beam of the Hot 97 Morning Show, and Atlantic Records Director of A&R, Orlando Wharton.

Overall, we’d say that this time around, some good questions were definitely asked and the passion in the room was on a thousand! We’ve compiled another list to expound on all the free game that was given out last night, so think of this as your 2nd study guide to the music biz, and see our top 10 tips on artist development below! See tips from our last Jersey Music Meeting here.

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(Video) Mike Zombie Releases ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Album


After a few months of letting the music video for “616” marinate on everyone’s TV screens, Mike Zombie has finally released his long-awaited debut studio album, Rebel Without A Cause. This is a landmark project for too many reasons to list in a simple blog post, but the main reason being that this is and will be one of the most critically acclaimed projects to release out of New Jersey this year alongside very few others.

Mike Zombie initially made waves by producing several of his own full length mixtapes, before becoming producer of Drake‘s “Started From The Bottom,” the lead single from 2013’s Nothing Was The Same album and DJ Khaled‘s “They Don’t Love You No More” featuring Rick Ross, French Montana, Meek Mill and Jay Z. Some time later, even Remy Ma came along for a memorable remix. Pretty star-studded names for a guy from a small town in NJ, but he’s been a left-field thinker for quite some time, so the accolades shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I’m most excited for this album, because with its undeniable east coast bounce, it gives me some new music to spin at the skating rink! The production is versatile, and the stories range from late nights around town with the homies, keeping it real through the industry and his new-found fame, and where he plans to go next. The project is definitely an upgrade from his last mixtape The End of the Beginning as far as beat selection and lyricism. Not many producers crossover well into rapping on their own beats (or just rapping well period), but with this body of work, Mike Zombie is proving that he’s more than just a producer.

Enjoy Mike Zombie‘s Rebel Without A Cause via iTunes.

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That NJ Ish: Jersey Packs Out SOB’s Past Capacity For Hot 97’s Who’s Next Live, Prompting Rant From Naughty By Nature’s Treach

Marisa Mendez x Mike Zombie x NJ

New Jersey is really on the rise with talent across the board right now, from producers to rappers, singers, writers, DJs…the list goes on. Last night was set to be such a big night for all of the above, as Hot 97‘s monthly ‘Who’s Next Live’ showcase featured an all-Jersey lineup, headlined by “Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap, “Back Up On It” rapper Dougie F. and “Yeah, OK” rapper Kazzie.

Unfortunately, though some of the opening acts like Signature, DJ Frosty and Chad B. were able to perform, the venue was shut down after only an hour due to over-capacity issues and trouble at the door. It got so bad at one point, Fetty wasn’t even able to get in!

New Jersey legends Naughty By Nature were in the building to support, and upon the police calling the event off, Treach grabbed the microphone and ended up giving a 30-minute speech about unity, police brutality, Jersey being slighted and more. He kept it quite peaceful, however, and I do commend the venue and the police for allowing him to say what he had to say. It was a pretty powerful moment!
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