#TBT Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 2


Diplomats Vol. 2 was my introduction into the world of mixtapes, way back when in 2002. I was in the midst of my fascination with all things Dip Set, and was shopping on 125th Street (for my first time!), saw this on the street and the rest was history.

Vol. 2 came at the height of the guys’ beef with Nas, and features his infamous Power 105 interview (where he dissed them,) and includes their disses on songs like “Hate Me Now,” “Show You How” and “I Really Mean It.” (The latter itself wasn’t a diss, but Jimmy was sure to add his trash talk on the end.)

Listen to Cam, Jim and Juelz do their thing below!
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TBT: How Funk Flex’s “Funkmaster Flex Night” Drop Actually Came From David Letterman

Rosie Perez x David Letterman x Funkmaster Flex night_LifeIsTremendez

For those of you who have grown up listening to Funk Flex every night on Hot 97 – and even those who haven’t – the infamous “Funkmaster Flex Night” drop that plays at the start of the show is one you can recognize anywhere. What many don’t know, however, is that it’s not just any old drop – it’s actually a sound clip from a 1993 episode of Late Night With David Letterman! And the funnier part? It was actually kind of a diss from Letterman!

That fall, actress Rosie Perez was sitting on Letterman‘s couch, discussing how she’d directed Lisette Melendez‘s “Goody Goody” music video, and how she cast the male lead after spotting him at one of Flex‘s parties.
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#TBT Mixtape: Nicki Minaj – Playtime Is Over


In April or May of 2007 (my sophomore year of college,) I was riding in the car with my then-boyfriend, excitedly listening to Lil Wayne‘s new mixtape The Drought 3, when I heard a really dope female voice on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” Interest piqued (as I always appreciate a dope chick,) I picked up the case to see what name was listed, and made a mental note to Google “Nicki Minaj” when I got home later that day.

After some Googling in my dorm that night, I landed on her MySpace page, and I was excited to see she was SUPER fly, and had a few more really good songs as well. Being the random person that I am, I sent her a message and told her how much I was feeling her stuff, and asked how I could get my hands on more. She wrote back pretty quickly and was super sweet, thanking me and letting me know her debut mixtape would be dropping in about a month. She even left one of those ridiculous glittery “showing love” GIF’s on my comments that we all used to use. LOL!
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