Interview: T-Pain Talks Threesome Etiquette While Married & Why He’s No Longer Interested In Making Hit Singles


Back in October, I caught up with T-Pain while we were on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Since his long-awaited Stoicville: The Phoenix album was set to drop this weekend, I planned to release the interview at the same time…but it looks like it’s got a little more marinating to do before we get it.

I didn’t want to hold on the interview much longer, though, as Pain dropped some interesting gems about why he’s no longer focusing on singles, as he feels albums are what will maintain your legacy even after you’re gone. Find out what Teddy Pain had to say about not wanting to be known as the “strip club man” any longer – plus the etiquette he and his lovely wife follow to bring a third party into their bedroom!
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