(Photos + Video) Lil Wayne’s Amerika’s Most Wanted Tour [Scranton, PA & Long Island, NY]


I hit a couple stops on Lil Wayne’s Amerika’s Most Wanted Tour, including the kickoff (on my birthday!) on 7/27 in Scranton, PA. (Sadly I didn’t see any landmarks from The Office, LOL.)

Fun fact: Backstage at the Scranton stop, Tyga’s BFF/hypeman Trell was freaking the f*ck out because it was his first time ever outside of his Cali hometown. Meanwhile, Amber Rose was inviting all of us to her birthday party, LOL.

Another fun fact: I brought French with me to the Long Island stop. The kids freaked out at the hotel afterward when they met Nicki Minaj and they asked for her autograph, and because French had a big chain and just looked like a rapper, they got his autograph too. Pretty sure they didn’t know him. LOL!