Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 12/7/16


J. Cole is the king of being low key, and if this rumor is true, his reign will remain uncontested.

Someone at iTunes was tasked with listening to Cole‘s new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, and writing a description before its release tomorrow, December 9. Whether it was all part of Cole‘s plan to announce this information or they didn’t know it was a secret is unknown, but they revealed that Cole is now a father – should they have interpreted his lyrics properly.

The review says that one of the themes touched upon on the album is “the responsibility of fatherhood,” while adding that on “She’s Mine,” he even reveals the gender!

“The two-part suite “She’s Mine” may be the most important song he’s written, as Cole hovers over his daughter & finds himself overcome by a strange feeling: hope.”

If this is true, congrats to Cole and Melissa! Check out the iTunes review below, along with the rest of today’s biggest stories.
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PartyNextDoor Is Back After Deleting His Twitter With A Cryptic Tweet

Partynextdoor PND COLOURS _LifeIsTremendez

PartyNextDoor put out his long awaited P3 project this summer, but it got a lukewarm reception at best. In an interview with Rolling Stone last month, the OVO singer revealed that he wasn’t happy at all, particularly after giving Drake and Rihanna such a “moment” with the song “Work,” and not having one for himself.

Many have speculated that Party writes a lot of Drake‘s songs, something Joe Budden made note of on one of his diss tracks to Drake earlier this summer. And seemingly, Party himself confirmed it with this tweet over the weekend, before deleting his entire account:
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Chris Brown Reportedly Loses Role On ‘Power’ + 50 Says He Never Offered Amber Rose A Role

chris brown x 50 cenT

Chris Brown was reportedly supposed to have a “big role” as a drug dealer on Power in the near future, orchestrated by one of his good friends, 50 Cent. However, Page Six reports that the people higher than 50 weren’t having it, due to recent events

“The network insisted that Chris’ casting was not going to happen, because of fears about his anger issues,” a source told the gossip column. “There was a big blowup, and they had to tell Chris he was not going to get the role. The news was delivered to him early Monday. He was livid.”

I’m not sure how true that is, but either way, 50 reportedly maintains that Breezy will absolutely be on the next season of Power. I’d actually love to see this, so I hope it happens!
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LAPD Did Not Find Any Drugs Or Guns In Chris Brown’s Home

chris brown

Surprise, surprise. The claim ONLY made by TMZ that was sketchy from the start turns out to be a lie. LAPD did not find any drugs or guns in Chris Brown’s home, nor the piece of jewelry described by the dethroned beauty queen, Baylee Curran.

“It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Chris’ longtime lawyer, Mark Geragos, told the LA Times, while revealing the results of their investigation turned up nothing.
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Tyga May Or May Not Have Gotten His Ferrari Repo’d, But He Definitely Got A New Bentley


Yesterday, TMZ reported that Tyga‘s Ferrari was repossessed…while he was at a Bentley dealer with Kylie!

The report came from “witnesses,” who said that the repo man had a spare key for the car and got in shortly after Tyga got out, then drove it off to the nearest freeway. TMZ alleged that he’d missed a couple of his lease payments, and “the lessor wasn’t taking any chances.”
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Nia Guzman Says Report That Royalty Was With Chris Is FALSE

Chris Brown x Royalty_LifeIsTremendez

In the midst of all of Chris Brown‘s drama yesterday, E! News published a report saying that they’d spoken with Nia Guzman‘s lawyer, Carl Anthony Moore, who said that their daughter Royalty was in the house when all of this mess went down.

Moore added that the baby was taken to school in the morning, and that Nia picked her up and brought her to a “safe place” at the end of the day, after hearing all of the drama. Chris‘ attorney, Mark Geragos, denied the claim and said:
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