Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Weekend News Recap Ending 11/20/16


Kanye West had another rant on Saturday night in Sacramento, this time calling out Jay Z for not calling him and Beyoncé for requesting to win Album of the Year to show up at the BET Awards. He also only performed 3 songs before cutting the show short, though he did bring Kid Cudi out for a nice moment on stage.

This quickly prompted the #KanyeIsOverParty trending topic, and later, the cancellation of his Sunday night show in LA. Thankfully, Ticketmaster is offering refunds for both shows.

Ye has not yet responded, but instead went on Instagram and posted over 50 random fashion photos. Read the full rant here, and check out Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli‘s reactions below. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is now loving Ye and co-signing him. SMH.
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(Video) TIP Speaks On Joining Trump Protest in NYC on Jimmy Kimmel


TIP has been one of hip hop’s most vocal advocates for Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism and police brutality. His latest EP Us or Else, served as a soundtrack to the protests held around the country, while the artist encouraged the country to get out and vote on November 8.

In the wake of Trump‘s election on Wednesday, thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City, including TIP. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, he said that he happened to be recording at a studio not far from where protestors began gathering and decided to walk over.

He mentioned a few people recognized him and rather than fanning out, they thanked him for joining the cause. While TIP realizes that the damage of the election has been done, it’s still important to set an example.
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 10/7/16


In very unsurprising news, Donald Trump is a sexist, rape-y, nasty idiot. Audio has leaked of the Presidential hopeful in 2005, where he was telling Billy Bush how easy it is for celebs to get with women, saying he can go up to anyone and kiss them or even “grab them by the pussy.” He was newly married at the time, by the way.

It has since been discovered that the woman he was discussing on the tape, Nancy O’Dell, had turned him down and that’s why he was upset. He would go on to try to fire her from hosting the Miss USA pageant two years later for being “too pregnant.”

Trump has issued a half-assed apology, saying he’s changed since then but also saying that Bill Clinton has done way worse, and that Hillary has shamed and bullied Bill‘s victims. Robert DeNiro said he wants to punch Trump in the face, and even his own Republicans are turning against him, as seen in this news clip. It’s lit.
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Bernie Sanders Co-Signs Jay Z and ‘The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail”


Earlier this week, Jay Z released a powerful op-ed “The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail”. The New York Times piece features narration by Jay and artwork by Molly Crabapple as the two brilliantly break down the brutal truth behind the war on drugs and the growth of America‘s prison population.

“The war on drugs exploded the U.S. prison population,” Jay Z says.”Disproportionately locking away black[s] and Latinos. Our prison population grew more than 900 percent. When the war on drugs began in 1971, our prison population was 200,000. Today, it is over 2 million.”
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