(Video) Let That Hurt Go: Drake Paints Rihanna As The Devil With ‘OVO Fest’ Imagery

LIT_Rihanna x Drake x OVO Fest 2014

Dude, I’m going to need some of whatever it is that Rihanna‘s selling, because CLEARLY – she’s got that good stuff. The Bad Gal has ran through both Chris Brown and Drake – two men that could have damn near any woman in the world – and left them both bitter, heartbroken…and wanting that old thang back despite it all.

Though he couldn’t perform his new collab (that allegedly is riddled with Rihanna jabs) with former nemesis Chris Brown due to Chris‘ legal issues, Drake still found a way to throw Rih‘s name in the fire at OVO Fest…literally. During his performance of “Days In The East,” Drizzy not-so-subtly flashed images of a fiery Rihanna in between flashing images of fiery 6’s (3 to be exact – the devil’s number,) all while rapping bars like, “Why am I the one you wanna get into it with for the drama? I’ve got a lot to say, and that’s the last thing a n*gga wanna hear right now.”
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(Photos) Trouble In Paradise For Ciara & Future? No Ring On Solo Vacations, Mistress Rumors & More!

Ciara solo in Ibiza

They always say the hottest love has the coldest end. Drake may have hit the nail right on the head with that line, as after Ciara and Future started off red-hot and crazy in love, it seems as though there may be some trouble on the horizon for the pending marriage of these new parents.

We can begin with the most obvious fact – the pair haven’t been together very much since the birth of their son in May. Future has been on the road promoting his Honest album the entire time, even performing at a show across the country the same night that baby Future was born. These things happen when you’re in a relationship with an entertainer, so it’s not too much of a red flag, but in the same token – when you want to make time, you do. CiCi made her first major post-pregnancy outing over the weekend on a trip to Ibiza, and not only did Future not come along, but that beautiful engagement ring was noticeably MIA. Never a good sign!
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7 Reasons You Need To Attend Wiz Khalifa’s “Under The Influence” Tour Before It’s Over


If you haven’t noticed via all my social media channels, I’ve been along for the ride for a handful of Under The Influence of Music dates thus far, kicking off on July 24th in Scranton, PA. Originally set to feature Tyga as well (before he dropped out in the last hour,) the tour is comprised of 7 sets featuring DJ Drama, Mack Wilds, the HBK Gang (IAMSU! and Sage the Gemini), Rich Homie Quan, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeezy and of course the ring leader, Wiz Khalifa. Even if you’re not fans of all of those acts, there’s something on this show for EVERYONE. To be honest, you don’t need to be a fan of ANY of them to enjoy this tour…although there’s probably something wrong with you if you don’t like a single person in that list of hitmakers.
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(Photos + Video) My TREMENDEZ Birthday Tour With Machine Gun Kelly, Ty Dolla $ign, IAMSU! & So Many More!

Reena Treats cupcakes

My golden year has arrived (27 on the 27th!) and I partied harder this last week and a half than I have for the entire year. I’m happy to announce that my “birthday tour” of sorts has finally come to an end! Woo! There were SO many people involved to help make all of my celebrations so special, so I figured I’d do a little recap and put all my photos, videos and THANK YOU’s in one place!
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(Photos) The Latest In Chris & Karrueche’s Breakup: Subtweets, Creeping With Kae’s Friends & More!

LIT_Chris Brown x Karrueche

I think I am entirely over Chris Brown and Karrueche as a thing. I was so for it for the longest, even got all, “Zomg Rih Rih is such a b*tch!” when Chris went back to Rihanna…but I just can’t anymore! Their breakups to make-up’s are both exhausting and corny at this point, and it’s QUITE clear that THIS ISN’T WORKING SO I NEED THEM TO STOP! Get the latest on #Chrae below.
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