And Who is Quentin Miller?

Quentin Miller x Drake_LifeIsTremendez

In the midst of the insanity that is Meek Mill’s timeline, we saw the name Quentin Miller dropped, though many of us had no idea who that was or why Meek cared to write his name. Basing it off of context clues, it would appear he has something to do with Drake‘s alleged use of ghostwriters, and once OG Maco chimed in, he confirmed this to be true.

During his series of tweets, Maco revealed that Miller has quite a few credits in the liner notes of Drake‘s album, while also noting that there were many other songs Miller went uncredited for – aka, he was the ghostwriter. He also said that they’re friends, and partook in this rant because he wants to get him his just due. However, it doesn’t seem like it was wanted:
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So, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Were A Little Upset With Joe Budden Last Night…

Joe Budden x Nicki Minaj x Meek Mill beef_LifeIsTremendez

If you frequent this site, then you’re well aware of I’ll Name This Podcast Later, the podcast I’ve been doing weekly with Joe Budden for MONTHS now. Every single week, we discuss current events, we make jokes on each other and other people, we share opinions…we have a show. That’s how shows work. It’s not a podcast about Joe being a rapper, because maybe then opinions wouldn’t be warranted. But it’s 3 friends – one of which happens to have a larger following because of his OTHER work – who come together on a weekly basis for a light-hearted podcast of nonsense.

That being said, it honestly surprised me when Joe‘s comments about Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj‘s relationship on last week’s episode (number 20) made headlines. While we discussed the happenings at the 2015 BET Awards, Joe made a joke about how he was saving pictures he saw of Meek looking at Nicki the entire show. He then said the following:
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(Photos + Video) Summer Jam 2015 Recap: Performances, Gossip + More!

LifeIsTremendez_Hot 97 Summer Jam 2015 recap

Yesterday marked the 23rd annual Summer Jam concert from Hot 97, and another epic night for the record books! I was frazzled for a majority of the show because I signed up to work, and was assigned to handle all things Fetty Wap and Ty Dolla $ign…which sounded fun in theory, but DAMN it was a lot of work! Needless to say, I missed about 90% of things that happened – and that includes all that drama outside. My mother actually was texting me in a panic making sure I was okay, and I had to ask her what she was talking about because we were calmly sitting around sharing “deez nuts” jokes backstage at the time. LOL! It’s a shame a few bad apples attempted to spoil the whole bunch, but they ultimately didn’t – as the show went on inside without incident, and for the tens of thousands that did get in, it was an amazing time!

SO much went on behind-the-scenes and on the stage, so I’ll start from the beginning at the Festival Stage.
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(Photos) Meek Mill’s Grammy After-Party: Big Celebs, Big Fights and More!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12

Following last year’s shin-dig with real live lions and camels, Meek Mill held his second-annual post-Grammy bash, and it was definitely another night to remember! This year it was held at a glass house (literally) previously owned by Justin Bieber, and it was GORGEOUS! Yours truly was in the building (with my squad – Morgan, Mike Zombie and Chill Moody,) as well as TONS of the biggest names in music, from Justin Bieber to DJ Mustard, French Montana, Khloe Kardashian, Chinx, Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, YG, Bridget Kelly, DJ Carisma, Tinashe, Honey Cocaine, Chris Brown, Omarion, Lil Fizz, Sean Kingston…the list goes on and on! (That’s all I can remember seeing, but I was drunk as a skunk so I’m sure I missed a ton of names.)

The party went on without incident until around 3:30am, when (of course) a fight broke out, and the cops eventually shut it down. Reports soon surfaced that the brawl involved Chris Brown, but he took to Instagram the next day to shut it down with the following post:
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(Photos) 7 Rappers & Their Non-Famous Baby Mamas! (Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz & More!)

rappers baby mamas - 2 Chainz x Heaven

Rappers baby mamas are often hidden from their social media, as that part of their lives usually happened before the fame, and there’s a variety of factors that leads to the need for privacy. Often times it unfortunately is because the caliber of woman is way below the type they’ve become known for dating, and the boogawolf being discovered may be a little damaging to the rep they’ve attempted to build, but it also can be because of the woman’s desire to be out of the limelight, not only for personal reasons but for safety reasons as well.

This doesn’t fly for everyone, as there are plenty of baby mamas who came after the fame, and though they may not necessarily be celebrities as well, they’re probably at least Instagram famous. You know how these chicks do these days! However…this post isn’t about them.

I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to the caliber of women these guys had before the money and the fame, so I’ve put together a few of the rappers baby mamas list below. Check out who Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz and more were with way back when!
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(Photos + Video) Grammy Weekend 2014 [Los Angeles, CA]


Grammy Weekend 2014 was amazing!

On Friday night, bad boys Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana were set to kick off Grammy weekend with a joint concert, but it ended up being postponed at the last minute. Unfortunately, some of MGK’s fans had flown out from across the country for the show, while others had driven for hours, so he and his team wanted to make their trip worth their while. Getting in touch with them through Twitter, Team MGK ended up putting together a really dope night at the beach, bringing fans to a bonfire with drinks, food and of course, Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper sat and talked with the fans for hours, even playing some of his songs on his guitar and having them sing along. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m really glad I got to be a part of that!

On Sunday night, I hit up Meek’s Grammys afterparty at a house in Beverly Hills with Karen. I’m really quite pissed at myself because thinking I was cute, I borrowed a pair of Karen’s Loubies…and legitimately could not walk. I was FINE from her house to the Uber…but the second I stepped out on Meek’s driveway – wrap city! I stumbled to the first couch I saw and stayed PUT the ENTIRE night. I’m talking like, Steph (Eleven8) had to GET UP, grab YG and bring him to me to take the photo! LOL! Dope night overall though. Spotted Drake, Nicki, Future, YG, Mustard, Meek, Devi Dev and I believe that’s it. I legit was stuck in that one spot (right behind the camel who was cool as shit, by the way) so I was rather limited. LOL!
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(Photos + Video) MMG Weekend 2013 [Miami, FL]


My best friend Kiana and I headed out to South Beach for the first annual MMG Weekend.

We hit a pool party at Ross’ house (where they shot the “Pop That” video), a private listening session for Self Made 3 and turned up with Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Khaled, Rockie Fresh and more. Shout to Sav for making me an official Black Bottle Girl!

I also did a photo shoot at Fabian‘s house, so pics of that below too!
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