(Photos + Video) French Montana’s Assistant


Back in December of 2008, a few of my friends were over my house and played a video from YouTube with Max B featuring a guy named French Montana, “Disturbia Money.” Of course I knew Max from my Dip Set days, but I’d only heard the name French Montana a couple of times and had no idea who he was. After seeing the video, I thought he was so funny and pretty dope, and wanted to see if I could work with him and get his name out more. I found out that weekend that he’d be hitting Jersey Girls with Max, so I went and met up with him, asked if he wanted help and the rest is history!

Here are a few pics from different dope things: his first interview with FADER (big shout to Felipe on that!), Max passed out LOL, French playing “Straight Cash” for T-Pain at the Hit Factory in MIA in Pain’s car, my first blog shout out LOL, the “NY Minute” shoot, random kids asking for his autograph… (I’m positive they didn’t know who he was though, LOL.)
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(Photos) Launching KarenCivil.com


As a junior in college at this time, I knew nothing about the blog world or industry events. My girl Karen called me up to tell me she was starting a blog, and asked if I wanted to help by using my digital cam to record some interviews. Sounded fun, so I was with it! These are a few shots from a few things we did – a Jay Rock interview, Charles Hamilton listening session, studio with Nipsey Hussle, getting Max B and Charles in the studio together, etc.

Fun fact: Karen chose KarenCivil.com at first just to quickly get a name, and we’d spend hours brainstorming trying to think of a different name because she wanted to make it more universal. Obviously, we never came up with anything, LOL!
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