Marisa Explains It All [Episode 84: “Cavs vs. Warriors”]


This may be one of my favorite episodes yet! We didn’t have the chance to record in-studio, so Franny and I recorded remotely and went in DEPTH about this whole MGK x Eminem x G-Eazy debacle. We also discussed the trials and tribulations of the music industry and trying not to lose yourself in it, Joe‘s new show, plus a little bit of Nicki Minaj and Ebro vs. 6ix9ine.

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(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Talks Turning Down A Major Role, Being Welcomed By Zoo Gang + More On Ebro In The Morning


Machine Gun Kelly was in NYC for a sold-out show on his Alpha Omega tour, so he stopped by Ebro In The Morning to discuss his new song, “Bad Things.” The track is his first-ever Top 40 record (“Wild Boy” only hit #89 believe it or not!,) and it features Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello.

During the chat with Rosenberg and myself, MGK discussed how LeBron James breathed life into Cleveland, why he turned down a movie role over the N-word, being welcomed by the Zoo Gang while filming a video in Paterson and more!

Tune into the interview below. “Bad Things” is available now on iTunes.
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(Photos + Video) Electric Adventure Festival 2015 [Atlantic City, NJ]


No, this isn’t a post to show I hung out with [my fav] Ty Dolla $ign again. LOL! (Although yes, I hung out with Ty Dolla $ign again, and as always, it was a night to remember!)

As you know, I’ve been working my butt off for years to become the media personality I want to become, and of course the journey has only just begun. However, the fruits of my labor are starting to show off, and this night, Ty and I had a long conversation about how far we’ve come. He told me how proud of me he is and how he’s excited to be able to watch my career grow as I’ve watched his since we met almost 2 years ago, and we promised each other that nothing we did means anything if in a few years when we’re way bigger, we don’t sit down for a big interview.
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(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Talks New Video, Amber Rose, Dealing With Fame + More On Ebro In The Morning

Hot 97 x Marisa Mendez x Machine Gun Kelly_LifeIsTremendez

Machine Gun Kelly is one of my favorite artists and has been a good friend of mine for years now, so it was double the blessing to make my Hot 97 interview debut with him on Ebro In The Morning today!

The Bad Boy rapper stopped by to discuss his new single and its powerful visual, “A Little More,” and of course he got into plenty of other topics with Ebro and I as well.
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