Is Lil Kim Tarnishing Her Legacy Because Of Her Disdain For Nicki Minaj?


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…unless you’re Lil Kim, in which case intimation is the cause for a never-ending feud. For the second time in the course of a week, the veteran MC (and new mother!) has released a diss track (read: struggle song) aimed at her arch nemesis, Nicki Minaj.

“It’s looking like I’m headed back behind bars again/cause b*tches wanna start with Kim and I ain’t with the arguing,” Kim raps on “Identity Thief,” adding, “Anything you try to do, I done did it/ The Queen’s back, b*tches come get it.”

Kim, you are the Queen, yes…but you are certainly not back. In fact, you’re regressing immensely, and it makes us pretty sad because your legacy is one for the books. Where’s the Kim that spit venom on an escalator? Where’s the Kim that rapped about her “Crush On You” while rocking every color wig under the sun? Hell, we’ll even take the Kim that put her “Lighters Up” when she got out of jail in 2005. Between the endless plastic surgery and her apparent obsession with Nicki (who has been the only female raptress since Kim‘s heyday that actually gave her competition for the crown,) it’s looking like the Queen Bee has a very, very deep-rooted insecurity issue.
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#WCW: Time To Bring Girl Power Into Hip-Hop!


Nicki Minaj, Igga Azalea and hopefully soon Remy Ma are making their way up the charts, and although they are often pitted against each other, it’s a blessing and very rare in hip-hop to have more than one relevant “femcee.” After Remy was released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in New York earlier this week, she went straight to the studio to work on what was originally purported (by the media) to be a diss track to Nicki and Iggy, a remix to DJ Khaled‘s “They Don’t Love You No More.” She later went on to clarify that it certainly was no diss, and that she’d actually like to work with both of the ladies on a future release. Great, one flame put out…but a new one sparked up the very next day.

Ashley Spinnelly
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