Marisa Explains It All [Episode 98: “Coming For You Bitches’ Necks!”]


New year, new episode!

What’s up MEIA mob! Happy New Year! We tried to start this episode off right.. Marisa and Joyce kicked it off by talking about their holiday plans and Marisa’s time in St. Croix. The episode makes a violent (and hilarious) turn when Joyce gets into a story about her Christmas Eve spent with a machete, and Marisa one-ups her by sharing a story that you may or may not have heard before involving a former camp counselor, Yosemite, and a beheading. Yea, we really wild out here.

Our favorite comedian and new co-host, Lewis Belt, also joins us for this new episode! While discussing Cassie’s new bae and her breakup with Diddy we learned just a little too much about Lew’s parents’ sex life, but we also got some great insight from everybody on their thoughts about marriage as a whole.

Also, I’ve teamed up with Kushy Punch for discounts on their CBD products so if you head to their site and order (CBD products only!), they ship to all 50 states and you can get 10% off with code MARISA10.

Also also, we’re moving over to Patreon for the full videos of the show. You can still listen on iTunes and SoundCloud, but our YouTube channel will only have a few short clips each week. Patreon details coming soon!

Listen to episode 98 “Coming For You Bitches’ Necks!” below, subscribe on iTunes here and on YouTube HERE! You can also email us at!
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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 96: “Deflate That Ass & Find Yourself”] ft. Lewis Belt


I’m going to use Joyce‘s description because it made me laugh, LOL:

We’re coming in hot following Marisa’s break-the-internet Lil Kim homage podcast photo shoot! On this week’s episode of Marisa Explains It All we are joined by Bay Area (represent!) comedian Lewis Belt. We also hit up Mari’s mom, Pam, and ask her what she thinks about her daughter’s IG. Listen to the trio discuss Kodak walking out on Ebro, Nicki Minaj’s new boo (who?) and her spiraling demise, Kanye West vs. Drake and Lewis’ take on Marisa’s dating woes.

Watch episode 96, “Deflate That Ass & Find Yourself,” below, subscribe on iTunes here and on YouTube HERE! You can also email us at!
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