Marisa Explains It All [Episode 56: “Sean’s House”]

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Happy new year MEIA fam! For the first episode of 2018, me, Chelsea and Joyce held it down since the rest of the cast was doing whatever they felt like, LOL. Of course we discuss the holidays, and I got into the INSANE NYE party at Diddy‘s house in Miami. (So yes, I discussed seeing Joe. LOL!)

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Billboard Breakdown: D.R.A.M. & Joe Budden’s Debuts + Jeezy & Meek’s Projections


There is a lot of action on the Billboard 200 this week. Both Joe Budden and D.R.A.M. made their debuts with their new albums, Rage & The Machine and Big Baby D.R.A.M., respectively.

Big Baby D.R.A.M. came in at number 19 with 18k, while Rage came in at number 40 with 11k. Back in the top 10, Drake hit a new “low” with Views, coming at number 5 with 38k.

Looking forward to next week, both Meek Mill and Jeezy will make their debuts. DC4 is looking at 45-50k, while Jeezy‘s Trap or Die 3 is looking at 67-72k, which could give him the number one spot. In comparison, Jeezy‘s last album – 2015’s Church In These Streets – debuted at number 4 with 107k units.
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(Video) Drake Brings Out Eminem In Detroit

drake x eminem

Checkers, not chess.

Drake made quite the moment on stage last night in Detroit, bringing out the city’s hometown hero, Eminem, to perform their 2009 song, “Forever.” While this is a moment in and of itself, the impact it had was that much more, considering the rumors that circulated last week about the pair having beef because of Eminem‘s close affiliation to Joe Budden. (The rumor was started when Hot 97‘s Ebro referenced a convo with Drake where he joked about the possibility of a diss from Em on Joe‘s behalf, and listeners thought he was saying it was a serious conversation.)

“SHARED THE STAGE WITH THE GOAT FOR DETROIT,” Drake wrote afterward. “DONE THE HYPE.” As for Em, his caption sparked some controversy, as uninformed people thought he was taking a shot at Joe (who’s signed to Shady Records with his group, Slaughterhouse,) not realizing he was referencing their location at the Joe Louis Arena:
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Ebro Responds After Sparking Rumor That Drake Has Plans To Diss Eminem


While on Ebro In The Morning yesterday, Ebro was recapping his weekend trip to OVO Fest in Toronto, and shared a convo he’d had with Drake backstage. He said that he and Drizzy were discussing the Joe Budden beef, and because Joe is signed to Eminem with Slaughterhouse, Ebro had made a joke saying that he heard a rumor that Em was going to jump in. Joking back, Ebro said that Drake told him:

“That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that and if he did, I’ve got something for him too.”

Of course, the internet took this and ran with it, and all of the headlines read that Drake is gearing up to engage in a battle with Em. SMH! Taking to Twitter after the story went viral, Ebro responded:
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French Montana Denies Drake Dissing Joe Budden On “No Shopping”

French x Joe

As expected, Drake dissed Joe Budden on his French Montana collab “No Shopping,” calling him a one-hit wonder and saying that he (Drake) was everything Joe could have been, had he lived up to his potential.

Though Drake never named names, starting the verse off with, “pump, pump it up” was clear enough who he was speaking to, especially because it happened right after Joe harshly critiqued Views on his podcast. However, French says they weren’t even thinking about the New Jersey rapper.

While getting a haircut last night, French spoke with MTV about the song and his upcoming MC4 album, and told them:
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Joe Budden Speaks To Drake A Third Time On “Afraid”


If you’re on this site, I’m sure you’re fully up to date on the Joe Budden vs. Drake saga. However, you may have randomly stumbled upon this link, so I’ll quickly brief you.

Joe and Drake have been cool for years, with Drake even being documented saying he’s a huge Joe fan and was inspired by him. Joe is a fan as well, and has consistently expressed these sentiments. However, he was unimpressed with Views when it was released earlier this Spring, and shared his [really, really passionate] opinion on his podcast, which ended up going viral. A week later, Drake and French Montana hit the studio together to make a song, and when French previewed it on Instagram, we heard Drake starting his verse with, “Pump, pump it up!” Clearly, a jab at Joe.
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Behind The Lyrics: Drake Disses Joe Budden On “No Shopping” With French Montana


This month, we got not one but two diss tracks from Joe Budden, taking aim at Drake. Many casual rap fans couldn’t understand where the animosity was coming from, as Joey has long said he’s a huge Drake fan. He explained, however, that he was privy to an early version of Drake and French Montana‘s collab, “No Shopping,” which was long suspected to be a Joe diss after French previewed it on Instagram with the opening bars, “Pump, pump it up.”

The timing of French previewing the song was about a week after Joe had harshly critiqued Views on his (our, ayeee) podcast, which would have given Drake a motive. Some said that Joe was crazy for thinking that Drake would take the time out, and even when Joe would later reveal he’d heard the whole verse and it was indeed a diss, they didn’t believe him. That brings us to now.

Just moments ago, OVO Sound Radio premiered the record, which will serve as the next single from French‘s upcoming MC4 album, out August 19. Drake raps:
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