This Is HOV: A Breakdown of Funk Flex vs. Jay Z Beef + Dip Set’s New Diss Track To Jay

Jay Z vs Funk Flex_LifeIsTremendez

I’ve been getting a million and one texts asking what’s going on with Flex and Jay Z, and if you haven’t been keeping up by the minute on social media, you’re probably confused too. Let me briefly explain…

In early 2013, Jay Z‘s Life + Times site reached out to Flex for an interview about the app he was about to release to debut his new mixtape, and would then house all music and videos from his website, as well as key articles. He explained to them the process and everything going on, and then…nothing. No article was ever published, and a couple of months later – Hov debuted Magna Carta Holy Grail on an app. Flex did not see this as a coincidence.

Now that Flex has reunited the Diplomats (who’ve infamously feuded with Jay in the past,) he has been working on a major tour and projects for the guys, and Life + Times once again reached out to get the 411. This apparently set Flex off, as he felt it would be a similar situation to the app fiasco, and instead of granting the interview, he went on air on Hot 97 and blasted the site and its owner/his former friend, Jay Z. He also mentioned that it’s funny they’d want an interview, since it was Jay‘s very own 40/40 club that once specifically told him that he cannot play any Dip Set records.
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That NJ Ish: What To Expect From Jay Z’s Mom’s New Restaurant In Newark

LIT_Diamondz N Da Ruff

Earlier this week, we learned that Jay Z‘s mother, Gloria Carter, opened a new restaurant in Newark, New Jersey, after photos of Bey and Jay attending the grand opening surfaced on the web. The story didn’t elaborate very much on Gloria‘s new eatery, but we now have more details!

Mama Carter co-owns Diamondz N Da Ruff (*cringes*) with partners Peggie Miller of Newark and Debra Holmes of Jersey City. The restaurant is open 6 days a week (from Tuesday to Sunday) and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it features a small stage for live music and open mic and karaoke nights. The menu is mainly American-based with food like paninis, crab cake sandwiches, salads and sliders.

Will her famous son and daughter-in-law be hitting that stage? “They’re definitely coming to support their mom,” Gloria told the Star Ledger. As for the eatery’s name:

“A diamond comes from coal. Once coal is pressured, it becomes beautiful. We all know struggle. We’re coming from struggle to make this a beautiful thing.”

If you’d like to eat at the [horribly named] restaurant, you can stop by Diamondz N Da Ruff at 71 Clay Street, Newark, NJ.
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(Photos) That NJ Ish: Jay Z & Beyonce Head To Newark For The Opening Of His Mother’s Restaurant

Jay Z & Beyonce in Newark, NJ

As a New Jersey native, it always excites me when the greats come to our fabulous state! (Which they do often because we’re the best, obvz!) Over the weekend, Jay Z and Beyonce took a quick break from their ‘On The Run’ tour, and jetted over to the Garden State to attend the grand opening of his mom Gloria Carter’s new restaurant in Newark, Diamondz N Da Ruff. Hov’s mother has been living in New Jersey for many years now, so it comes as no surprise that she’d open a business here as well. No word on the type of food they’ll be serving just yet, but as for the name – we couldn’t think of anything a little less…hood?

Oh, and good news for fans of Bey-Z: the rumored-to-be “troubled” couple mingled for around 15 minutes for the ribbon cutting and champagne toast, and were all smiles with each other and with Jay’s mom. There were no professional photographers allowed either, so it seems as though this was genuine and not for the media! Check out more pics from the event below. JERSEY, son!
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