Throwback Thursday: How I Got Started In Blogging…And How You Can Too!


People ask me all of the time how I got started with Flex and how I launched my own site, which then leads them into asking me how to go about doing so for themselves. To answer all of your questions in one place, I’ll break down a brief history of how I got started, and then share some tips on how to either start your own site, or to become a part of one that’s already out there.
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(Photos) Launching


In September 2010, I stopped by Hot 97 to visit a couple of the friends I had made while interning there the year before. My internship on Flex’s show hadn’t been renewed in the summer of ‘09 because they really had no use for me, but I had maintained relationships with a few of the people that worked there. As I was hanging out and talking to them that night, Flex approached me, having remembered me from the year prior. He never knew my name when I interned (LOL), but asked me now and also asked if I was any good with computers and writing. I quickly said yes, and he asked if I wanted to blog for his brand new website,, which had launched about 3 weeks prior. Of course I happily accepted, and the rest is history! I had no idea how to blog, but I called up Karen that night and she gave me a quick run-through of WordPress. From there, I figured it the f*ck out!

Above are a few pics from some of the early events: Kanye’s Hot 97 takeover, the IFWT launch concert at BB King’s with Joe Budden, Jae Millz, Freeway and a bunch more, artists stopping by the station (for Kiss FM…as Hot 97 can’t have guests in that building after 5pm ever since the G-Unit shooting), on set of Flex’s MTV2 sneaker show with Fab, looking like a creep with French and Nicki at a show Flex DJ’d (LOL), the IFWT logo on the Knicks jumbotron and more!

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