Marisa Explains It All [Episode 89: “The Normal Episode”] ft. Garren

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From here on out – we’re doing 2 hour podcasts! Myself and Joyce kick off the first hour by talking about our current love interests. I gave a little info on my flyout – which resulted in strictly cuddling and no hoe down throw down. We also share advice for a loyal MEIA listener who reached out for help regarding a toxic relationship.

For the second half of our podcast, Fran finally arrived and Compton artist Garren stopped by, and he dropped some gems on us: the day you stop growing should be the day you die. He talks to us about his father, growing up in the church, and creating his own genre of music – universoul. Garren’s not like most R&B/soul singers out there; he listens to Bon Iver (how do we pronounce that.. we still don’t know!), gospel, and rock music in his spare time. You can check out his current EP, Normal, out now.

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