(Photos) All-Star Weekend + Grammy Weekend [Toronto, ON + Los Angeles, CA]


Though I originally flew out to Toronto for All Star Weekend, I ended up in Los Angeles hours later to do Grammy weekend instead. I just couldn’t handle the cold!

It was such an amazing trip, from covering Power 106′s Valentine’s concert (featuring The Weeknd, Kehlani, French Montana, Kid Ink, Tory Lanez and more,) to French’s Grammy dinner, Kehlani’s Grammy party, Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy party, various events with Mike Zombie and Rosenberg – a dope trip all around!
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Power Moves: Diddy’s Revolt Channel Strikes Deal With DIRECTV + He Gifts French Montana With $1 Million


Diddy had quite the merry Christmas this year! Just before Santa hit his house, the music mogul’s Revolt TV channel finally reached a deal with DIRECTV, now bringing it into millions more homes.

“Our new agreement with DIRECTV is further proof we are on a fast track to revolutionizing the media industry,” Puff said in a press release. “We are achieving what we set out to do 18 months ago – our programming is available on more screens, and our audience is bigger and more powerful than ever before. What a great way to end an already successful 2015 and launch us into the new year.”

Perhaps in the celebratory mood, Puff decided to gift his Bad Boy artist French Montana with a cool $1 million later that day. And being equally as giving, French decided to donate it all to the charity he just started in his south Bronx hometown, helping the local schools and young kids. So dope of him!
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(Photos) Hot 97′s ‘Hot For The Holidays’ Concert [Newark, NJ]


Our first annual Hot 4 The Holidays concert was a success! So many artists stopped by and paid homage to Busta Rhymes’ career with some amazing performances, making for quite the nostalgic night. And me getting to interview French was certainly the highlight for me! Oh – and hanging with Mariah. Yeah, I’m totally a lamb now!
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(Photos) Me Doing Misc. Cool Shit – November 2015


This month was pretty cool! Darlene (of Ice-T fame) dropped by Hot 97 with her new book, Drewski started a new show on Hot, I interviewed Ty for INTPL, got a bunch of fan love in LA with Joey and hit ATL for a party with with French Montana and Post Malone.

Pics below!
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(Photos) 7 Rappers & Their Non-Famous Baby Mamas! (Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz & More!)

rappers baby mamas - 2 Chainz x Heaven

Rappers baby mamas are often hidden from their social media, as that part of their lives usually happened before the fame, and there’s a variety of factors that leads to the need for privacy. Often times it unfortunately is because the caliber of woman is way below the type they’ve become known for dating, and the boogawolf being discovered may be a little damaging to the rep they’ve attempted to build, but it also can be because of the woman’s desire to be out of the limelight, not only for personal reasons but for safety reasons as well.

This doesn’t fly for everyone, as there are plenty of baby mamas who came after the fame, and though they may not necessarily be celebrities as well, they’re probably at least Instagram famous. You know how these chicks do these days! However…this post isn’t about them.

I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to the caliber of women these guys had before the money and the fame, so I’ve put together a few of the rappers baby mamas list below. Check out who Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz and more were with way back when!
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