(Video) Blame Ebro Presents ‘Talk About It’ Episode 3: Did the Strip Club Ruin Rap Music?


In the newest episode of BlameEbro.com’s Talk About It, Ebro Darden, Gia Peppers and Marisa Mendez discuss the trends in rap music and hip hop culture to examine how everything has affected mainstream music.

Is there less balance in music than now when there was 10-20 years ago? Let us know what you think after you watch the newest episode of #TALKABOUTIT.
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(Video) Blame Ebro Presents ‘Talk About It’ Episode 1: Cuffing Season

Blame Ebro

Over at BlameEbro, we have launched a new series to have real, unfiltered conversation about what the culture is discussing on social, in person, and across the world. It’s less about the celebs, more about the stuff that pertains to everyone on an everyday basis.

Though the real series will launch in January, we wanted to put out a teaser in celebration of the holiday season. In this episode of #TALKABOUTIT, Ebro, Gia Peppers and myself discuss the various ways you can mess up or improve your cuffing season choice by bringing them home for Christmas.

Would you bring your cuff home to meet the family on Christmas? Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts on social media by using the #TALKABOUTIT hashtag!
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(Video) Iggy Azalea Calls Hot 97 “Shady;” Hot 97 Morning Show Responds

Peter Rosenberg x Marisa Mendez

An interview that Iggy Azalea did with GQ last week quoted her as saying she “sparked a change” in hip-hop, naturally prompting some rather hilarious responses from both haters and supporters of the Australian raptress. It was quite a bold statement…as well as one that may not necessarily be accurate…and a ton of reaction memes immediately surfaced afterward.

Hot 97′s Ebro shared one of his own after HipHopWired asked for faces of your reaction to the quote, posting an adorable “FOH” face that his newborn daughter had once made. This set the always-outspoken Iggy off on a little tirade, calling Hot 97 “shady,” amongst other things. In response, Ebro and his morning show co-hosts Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez let her know how they really feel. Check out what they said below.

Who do you side with in this one? I’m on the fence. Personally, I feel that Iggy IS attacked WAY more than the average celeb…but I also feel like she needs to quit crying about EVERY situation.
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(Video) That NJ Ish: Karen Civil Discusses Her Career On Ebro In The Morning

Karen Civil x hot 97

Karen Civil has come a long way from Elizabeth, New Jersey. The digital trap star is currently moving all around the country on a motivational speaking tour, while simultaneously writing a book, running a huge website, her Live Civil brand, the career of Nipsey Hussle and more. Oh, and there’s that whole Beats By Dre thing, the WeezyThanxYou thing, the digital campaigns for Jeezy, Juelz Santana, Mary J. Blige…the list goes on. My girl is out here killin’!

Stopping by Ebro In The Morning at Hot 97 on Friday, KC discussed her humble beginning as a Hot 97 intern, and how she moved up the ranks from Dip Set, to Lil Wayne, to Beats to now being THE one and only Karen Civil. Check out the inspirational interview below. JERSEY, son!

P.S. Rosenberg, everyone “knows who the f*ck Marisa Mendez is.” The streets love the kid. Ha!
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(Video) That NJ Ish: Fetty Wap Talks “Trap Queen,” Being In Love and More On Ebro In The Morning

Fetty Wap_LifeIsTremendez

Jersey, we have another burgeoning star on our hands! As our movement keeps growing with DJs (like Hot 97‘s newest additions, Drewski and DJ Naim,) media personalities (like myself, Karen Civil,) producers (Cardiak, Mike Zombie) and rappers on the come-up like Dougie F and Zombie (he fits here too,) we have another one to add to the list! Paterson native Fetty Wap is taking over the clubs in the Garden State with his breakout hit “Trap Queen,” and hopefully he’ll soon be taking over airwaves around the world with it as well. Now that he’s officially signed to Lyor Cohen, Todd Moskowitz and Kevin Liles300 label, anything can happen!

After Funk Flex premiered what he called the “biggest record in Jersey” on Monday night, Fetty Wap made his way over to Hot 97 to sit down with Ebro and Laura Stylez for Ebro In The A.M. yesterday morning.

The question on everyone’s mind is what happened to his eye, but unfortunately, he chose to remain mum on that for now. He says one day the story will come out, but for now, he likes the mystery and says that the fans seem to appreciate it as well. A quick scroll down his Instagram page shows that it happened in late February of this year, but that’s all we know!

Fetty did, however, reveal the very interesting process to “Trap Queen” coming to fruition, and admitted that he is in love with his girlfriend of a little under 3 years. Sorry ladies! Oh, and he just started music last year. What a start he’s off to, huh? Get the full 411 in the interview below!
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(Photos) LEO SEASON! Hot 97’s Ebro & Girlfriend Welcome Baby Girl; Omarion’s Girlfriend Gives Birth To Their Son

Omarion x Ebro

I am excited to announce that we have 2 new beautiful baby Leos in the world, as the girlfriends of both Hot 97 personality Ebro and singer Omarion have given birth.

Omarion‘s main squeeze Apryl Jones was first up, with a natural birth of their son at their home in the early afternoon yesterday. Ebro‘s story, though – slightly more interesting! The ‘Ebro In The Morning‘ host attended theSTASHED.com‘s 1-year anniversary party last night (sorry I couldn’t make it, Kaz!) and went directly from the club to delivering his own daughter in his bathroom! Whoa! Congrats to both of the happy families, and check out messages and photos from Ebro and Omarion below.
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