(Video) Blame Ebro Presents ‘Talk About It’ Episode 2: Are Sex & Sports The Only Outlets Men Have?

Talk About It ep 2

In the second episode of BlameEbro.com’s exclusive YouTube series, Talk About It, hosts Ebro Darden, Marisa Mendez, Gia Peppers and guest Dascha Polanco of Orange Is The New Black discuss the differences of how men and women express themselves. Whether it’s writing in a journal or writing a quick 16, everyone needs a way to release the struggles life can bring.

In society, it seems like men only have sports in sex as acceptable outlets – do you agree?
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(Video) Ebro In The Morning Says: No One Cares About The Plight Of Men

Ebro in the Morning got heated this morning while discussing the plight of men, and how no one cares whether or not a man is depressed.

While the women in the room – Laura Stylez, Scottie Beam and myself – tried their best to explain, Ebro was persistent with his views about men with money having a better quality of life compared to men who don’t.

What do you think? Watch the full video.

(Video) Ebro Apologizes to Marisa Mendez Over Ty Dolla $ign on Ebro In The Morning

I’d like to think I’m always ahead of the curve when it comes to new artists. I called it on French Montana, Nicki Minaj and now Ty Dolla $ign!

I’ve been preaching about Ty to anyone that would listen since last year…and Ebro wasn’t fucking with it at first. But clearly, he’s a believer now! LOL!