Exclusive: Elijah Blake Discusses the “Drift” EP, Celebrity Crushes, & Growing Up In the Industry with Harley Quinn!

Elijah Blake Phone interview

There aren’t many names left in the industry that Elijah Blake hasn’t worked with! Being featured as a songwriter or collaborating artist with the likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Usher, The Game, Common, and countless others, Elijah Blake is next up on the screen, having just released his new EP, titled “Drift”! Suprisingly, the project has only one feature, nabbed by J. Cole, on the “Venture” single. The 5-track EP contains fan favorites like “Wicked” and my personal favorite, “Strange Fruit.” After streaming the album, and talking with Elijah, this is one of the most creative projects I’ve heard this year, because of its out of the box concepts! “Strange Fruit” is a popular song, not only for its usage of the famous poem of the same name, but for the incredibly dope Outkast “Elevators” sample!

Hailing from Florida, Elijah Blake is an artist is every sense of the word, bringing his vision of love, pain, and music to the world through carefully planned and articulated projects. In an exclusive phone interview this week, he talked to me about his ultra-meticulous process when songwriting for himself and others, his painful childhood growing up with an abusive father as told in the single “6” featured on the album, why he’s not into industry chicks and just wants a regular girl, and the right way to act around a celebrity. Get into it below!

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