7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About iLoveMakonnen


iLoveMakonnen seemingly came out of nowhere over the summer, when Drake hopped on his song “Tuesday” and within weeks, he was OVO Soundsnewest member. Suddenly iLoveMakonnen was everywhere, doing shows from New York to L.A., and being interviewed by some of the biggest names in the game.

I’d happened to read an interview while browsing the web shortly after the “Tuesday” remix dropped, and found out a few random facts about the singer that I thought were possibly common knowledge and that I was likely late on. However, when a friend of mine thought they uncovered some “dirt” earlier this week by stumbling upon an old article about Makonnen being charged with murder, I realized a majority of the public know little-to-nothing about him, other than the fact that Drake likes him a lot and he has a catchy song. With that said, I compiled a list of 7 things you should know about iLoveMakonnen below!
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Music Video: Mike Zombie – 616

Mike Zombie

New Jersey native Mike Zombie was introduced to the masses in 2013, when Drake released his Grammy-nominated single “Started From The Bottom” with Zombie on the track. After discovering Mike in 2012 through their mutual friend, battle rapper Hollow Da Don, Drake signed him to a production deal on his OVO Sound imprint, and as they say, the rest is history.

Most recently, Mike had the likes of the legendary Jay Z, the newly-released Remy MaMeek Mill, Rick Ross and French Montana on one of his beats, courtesy of DJ Khaled‘s “They Don’t Love You No More“…but Mike isn’t only a producer. The talented 22-year-old has been simultaneously crafting his skills as a lyricist for as long as he’s been producing, and has put out numerous projects over the years. Rapping over all of his own beats of course, Mike‘s most recent project was 2013’s The End Of The Beginning, which spawned his current single and video, “616.” Though one would assume the song’s title is in reference to an area code of some sort, it’s actually an ode to a local haunt that Mike and his friends apparently had some epic times at in their late teens.

The video has been spinning on MTV Jams and mtvU for the last month, and is now up to be put in rotation on mtvU with help from fan votes! I hadn’t stumbled on Mike‘s rapping until just recently so I wasn’t going to post the video, but in the spirit of garnering more votes, here it is. Check it out below and MAKE SURE YOU GO HERE TO VOTE! Amazing talent coming out of New Jersey? You know I’m supporting this one!
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(Video) Drake & Chris Brown’s Feud May Have Been Reignited


We’ve not even gotten a solid 2 months of the peace treaty between longtime enemies Chris Brown and Drake, and it looks like it’s already come to an end! Well, maybe.

As previously reported, one aspect of the current ‘Drake vs. Lil Wayne‘ tour is a battle, where the two platinum-selling superstars go toe-to-toe performing some of their biggest hits. One such hit for Wayne is his feature verse on Chris Brown‘s “Loyal,” which Tune performed during the battle segment of their Chicago stop on Sunday night.

As Tune‘s verse wrapped up, Drake was sure to let his mentor know that “that sh*t sound like a f*cking car commercial and sh*t. That’s what y’all cheering for?” Hmm! Now we know that “trash talk” is a part of the show as it ties in with the theme, but it’s an interesting choice of words for a rather touchy subject, no? It becomes even more sketchy when you consider recent events, too.
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(Video) Let That Hurt Go: Drake Paints Rihanna As The Devil With ‘OVO Fest’ Imagery

LIT_Rihanna x Drake x OVO Fest 2014

Dude, I’m going to need some of whatever it is that Rihanna‘s selling, because CLEARLY – she’s got that good stuff. The Bad Gal has ran through both Chris Brown and Drake – two men that could have damn near any woman in the world – and left them both bitter, heartbroken…and wanting that old thang back despite it all.

Though he couldn’t perform his new collab (that allegedly is riddled with Rihanna jabs) with former nemesis Chris Brown due to Chris‘ legal issues, Drake still found a way to throw Rih‘s name in the fire at OVO Fest…literally. During his performance of “Days In The East,” Drizzy not-so-subtly flashed images of a fiery Rihanna in between flashing images of fiery 6’s (3 to be exact – the devil’s number,) all while rapping bars like, “Why am I the one you wanna get into it with for the drama? I’ve got a lot to say, and that’s the last thing a n*gga wanna hear right now.”
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(Photos) VMA Weekend 2013 [New York, NY]


What a fun ass weekend!

Hitting the clubs and a Guy Court taping with my new homie MGK, YMCMB private dinner at Philippe Chow, Drake’s private dinner at Philippe Chow, Diddy’s party at DREAM, 2 Chainz listening session for B.O.A.T.S II, house party with Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj randomly throwing up a throwback of us and more!
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(Photos) Summer Jam 2011


Summer Jam 2011 was so fun! I got to see so many of my faves, and I chopped it up with Lil Wayne, Drake and Mack Maine about what they’re wearing.

Tunechi is rocking a Fame hoodie (“Shout to Breezy,” he said), shorts by All-Son (he had to double check that one, LOL) Gucci belt (“You know that’s Gucci baby!”) Famous Stars & Stripes hat and Vans kicks. Shout out to his stylist Marisa (not me, LOL.) “Marisa said I can wear different things and they don’t have to match! It still look good!” So true!

Mack Maine is rocking True Blue Jordan 3’s, Polo socks (he wanted to make sure I mentioned that, LOL), an NY Giants snapback and a “Bury Me In My J’s” shirt by 8 & 9 Clothing.

As for Drizzy, it’s all Versace velour (he was appalled that I didn’t know that by looking at it, LOL!) and some black Timbs!

More pics below!
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