Marisa Mendez x Jamal x Tunisia – Marisa Explains It All [Episode 38: “Birthday DASH”]

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ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! Marisa Explains It All is hella proud to announce that we have officially moved to DASH Radio! You can still stream each week’s episode (and previous ones if you’re feeling frisky!) whenever you want on SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play, but now you can also tune in LIVE at 10p ET/7p PT every Tuesday on the Dash Talk station!

For our inaugural episode, we discuss my Dirty 30 shenanigans, double standards in hip-hop and more…and Zombz FINALLY makes his way to the show. It’s lit.

Stream episode 38 “Birthday DASH” below, subscribe on iTunes here and get DASH HERE! You can also email us at!
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(Video) Trina Dishes on Trey Songz, Reggie Bush & Why She Hasn’t Made a Sex Tape Yet


Trina recently appeared on Boss Lady‘s “International Affair” show on the DASH radio app, where she took us down memory lane in a crazy fun game of “Face The Music.” Recalling old lyrics that even made a more mature Trina blush, the game definitely reinforced what we already knew & loved Trina for: the honesty and expressiveness in her music.

The Miami rapper let us know which of her past controversial lyrics were all facts, and which ones were just for shock value. Talk about a marketing plan, because in 2000, her first solo album Da Baddest Bitch went Gold in no time at all! Trina also talks about which celebrity other than Reggie Bush she would have referenced in her single “Phone Sex” if she was given the chance to release it again, taking quite some time to sort through her mental catalog before calling out Trey Songz.

Surprisingly, Trina says she’s NEVER made a sex tape! Despite all the freaky lyrics and talks of voyeurism and exhibitionism, she says a tape will probably never happen for her because people have a way of leaking those kinds of home movies in bad taste. Watch Trina‘s full interview with Boss Lady below!

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