(Photo) Mary J. Blige Receives Her Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame


I had the honor of being present as Mary J. Blige received her star on the Walk of Fame, and it was such a powerful moment. Being from New Jersey, it was Mary, Puff, Angie and more who we grew up on because of Hot97, and to see all three of them up there celebrating such a MAJOR achievement and knowing they came from the same place I come from, it was yet another reminder that hard work and dedication can take you further than your wildest dreams.

Congrats again, Mary!

(Photos) ‘Commissary Kitchen’ Cookbook Launch Party [New York, NY]


A longtime friend and mentor, Kathy Iandoli, teamed up with Mobb Deep’s Prodigy to help him write a cookbook of creative recipes he learned while behind bars. I transcribed all of their sit-downs, (and even got a shout in the thank you’s of the book!) so of course I couldn’t miss the launch party! It was a pleasure to run into my former boss and forever fave, Angie Martinez, as well as the awesomely dope Jojo!

You can buy the book now wherever books are sold! Here’s a link to make it easy, though.
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Joe Budden x Marisa Mendez x Rory – I’ll Name This Podcast Later [Episode 65]


Just before her memoir, My Voice, hits stores on May 17, Angie Martinez came to visit INTPL. With her being friends with Joey for a long time, and me having worked for her at Hot 97, there was definitely a lot of ground to cover!

Our Sleeper Songs of the Week are as follows:

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(Photos) Me Doing Misc. Cool Shit – January 2016


This month, Mike Epps and A$AP Rocky dropped by Hot97, Skinny Pop sent me the ILL care package, I hit up G-Eazy‘s show with NEF The Pharaoh and I was honored to be invited to a dinner to celebrate Angie Martinez’s career, along with some other amazing women in media like Laura Stylez, Naturi Naughton, Emily B, Angela Yee, Miss Info and more!
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(Video) 7 Things We Learned From Fetty Wap’s Interview With Angie Martinez


Fetty Wap stopped by The Angie Martinez Show for his first time, and this may be one of my favorite interviews of his yet! Angie got the New Jersey native to open up, and he happily shared some funny stories about his eye, his hobbies and more.

Get a run-down of the 7 new things we learned about Fetty Wap below, plus the full interview.
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(Photos + Video) Farewell, Angie Martinez!


Man, today was a HARD day. Just like the rest of you, none of us knew until we ALL knew. It came as such a shock to everyone, but we are also SO happy for Angie and the moves she’s about to make, so it’s definitely bittersweet. Though it was only a few months, I learned SO much working next to Angie in that Hot 97 studio. It was such an honor to share a room with her, to be able to give her MY opinion, to talk ON AIR with her! Wow, a dream come true for sure.

Every day after school I would come home and sit Indian style on the floor of my bedroom and listen to Angie. I used to say, “Man I wish I was that guy Monse. He always gets shout outs!” I used to call all the time but I never got through…yet years later, I’d end up working right next to the iconic “Voice Of New York.” To the very last day, I would sit in the room with awe, amazed that THE Angie Martinez cared about MY crazy little weekend. She wanted MY opinion on a story. She told me I’M funny. Angie is my idol, my inspiration, she is everything I strive to be…and I thank her for EVERYTHING. Family forever.

Check out Angie’s final “Flex is next” below.
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