(Photos) Launching KarenCivil.com


As a junior in college at this time, I knew nothing about the blog world or industry events. My girl Karen called me up to tell me she was starting a blog, and asked if I wanted to help by using my digital cam to record some interviews. Sounded fun, so I was with it! These are a few shots from a few things we did – a Jay Rock interview, Charles Hamilton listening session, studio with Nipsey Hussle, getting Max B and Charles in the studio together, etc.

Fun fact: Karen chose KarenCivil.com at first just to quickly get a name, and we’d spend hours brainstorming trying to think of a different name because she wanted to make it more universal. Obviously, we never came up with anything, LOL!
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(Photos) Ozone Awards 2008 [Houston, TX]


I attended the 2008 Ozone Awards in H-town on behalf of AllHipHop.com and my girl Tot’s Culture Shock Mag.

I was right there when the infamous Rick Ross x Vlad altercation went down…and the ONE photo of Vlad all bloodied up that circulated the web – that was mine! Knew nothing about tagging pics and all that stuff back then, LOL!
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(Photos) DJ Khaled “Out Here Grinding” Video Shoot [Brooklyn, NY]


While walking into Summer Jam 2008 with my friend Navarre, a man randomly stopped him and and asked him to play Lil Wayne’s stunt double in DJ Khaled’s “Out Here Grinding” shoot the next day in Brooklyn. I linked with Mack Maine later that day and told him about it, and he was confused because the YM camp had already made it clear to the production team and to Khaled that they wouldn’t be attending the shoot because of a prior commitment, so there was no reason to have a Wayne stunt double if they weren’t going to have any Wayne scenes period. He asked me to keep him updated and I said I would.

We went the next day as planned, and as promised, I hit Mack and told him we were definitely shooting. Wayne would end up hitting Khaled and getting into a rift that lasted some time over this, but obviously, they eventually cleared the air and mended any issues. In the meantime, Var did end up shooting a few scenes, and it looked like it WOULD have been pretty cool, had it actually made the video!
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