Marisa Explains It All [Episode 101: “Polly Pocket”]


Via someone who is not me, lol:

On this week’s episode of Marisa Explains It All, newly “official” dog mom Marisa and Joyce sit down and discuss the top stories this week. While Joyce tries to cut Future some slack, Marisa isn’t having it and breaks down why and how exactly Future is a narcissistic fuckboy. Marisa shares how she briefly encountered dealings with Fyre Festival mastermind Billie McFarlane at Hot97 a few years back, shares about her girl’s trip to Cancun (she also might have slipped up and reveals she has a new boo!), and the ladies touch on the latest CB allegations.


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Marisa Mendez

Marisa is a media personality, while also working on the digital side of things for some of hip-hop's biggest names. She has done work with French Montana, Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and many more.

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