Interview: “From Drake And Beyond, Producer Mike Zombie Talks The Long Road To The Top”


It’s been over four years since Mike Zombie was introduced to the masses on what couldn’t have been a larger-scale. Not only did the New Jersey native place a beat with Drake on a song that would go on to be one of the Toronto superstar’s biggest tracks [“Started From The Bottom”], but he also inked a production deal with OVO. The future looked bright for the talented 20-year-old, but while he’s maintained a presence in music, it’s nowhere on the level that he (and everyone else) thought it would be by now.

Glances at his Instagram show the now-24-year-old still has an affiliation to OVO, often rocking clothing adorned with Drake’s signature owl. He is sure to post about new projects from the OVO camp and congratulates The Boy on his various successes throughout the years, but yet, the posts seem rather one-sided. There has been no sign of Zombie on the track on any of the aforementioned projects, from lesser-known acts like Roy Woods, up to the capo himself. And though Zombie has put out multiple projects of his own over the years (as he raps as well), there hasn’t been any posts from his labelmates about those either.

He’s not tripping, though.

Zombie is patiently waiting in the wings for his next shot, though he does admit that the cryptic formula that OVO uses for their roster has hurt him, while it helped peers like PartyNextDoor and even The Weeknd early on. Naturally, he’s battled frustration over the years with the stalled momentum, but he’s remained loyal to the camp—despite urges from his family and friends to the contrary. They’d like to see their loved one move on and even diss the man who gave him his start, but Zombie is firm in his belief that things will soon change.

After picking up and moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles earlier this year, Zombie is working more than ever and he’s ready to put out a few more “Started’s”. We caught up with him to discuss the journey since that life-changing song was released, how Twitter played a part in helping get his business straight early on, why he never said anything when Joe Budden dragged his name into his beef with Drake, and much more.

Don’t count Mike Zombie out just yet.


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