[Editorial] Serenity in Solitude: Accepting Single Life During Bae Season


The leaves are changing and the air becomes crisp; everything is pumpkin-flavored and it gets darker earlier. What is it about all these things combined that makes everybody want a somebody? It’s given; a hand to hold and lips to kiss are enticing for anybody- we are human! But there is definitely something to be said about becoming happy with your own company.


Whenever you are in a relationship, it is never about what you just want to do. The more progressed your relationship is, the more conjoined all your decisions become. It is no longer about what you want to do in your free time, it is now about what you both want to do. Maybe you just want to spend football Sunday with your bros but now you can’t. You have to see what bae wants to do, which probably means you’ll end up missing the first quarter while she tries to even out her eyeliner. What if you want to get super dolled up and go to the city with your girls? It all sounds good on paper but you know damn well you better cover up before you walk past bae in the living room on your way out. You will eventually get to a point when your finances are shared so purchasing things like $100 worth of makeup or betting half your paycheck on fantasy sports won’t be a one person decision. But if you are alone, it is!

If you are a one person party, everything you do is on your own terms. When you want to go out, you go out. When you want to spend stupid amounts of money at the bar, you do. Whenever you leave there isn’t usually a rush, you come and go as you please. If you decide that you want to spend the night in the city and turn your phone to do not disturb while you hang out with somebody you have known for 30 minutes- you can do that! You are your own boss. You answer only to yourself.

As we get older we make big decisions like getting a new tattoo or moving into a new apartment. These types of life changes can be daunting alone, but can also be argumentative for a couple. If you aren’t dating anybody you can consult with your parents or friends for help in big decisions but they don’t always lend the most relatable advice. When you are alone, the decision-making ultimately falls on your own shoulders and that can be a really great feeling.

Whether you are spending the cooler seasons wrapped up in somebody’s arms or trying your luck on Plenty Of Fish, never forget your worth. Being alone definitely sucks at times but the ability to embrace your own time will always attract people to you. Find the balance in your life, whether it is with somebody or own your terms. And most importantly, remember that if you aren’t happy with who you are – nobody else will be either.


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