Editorial: Job Interview Tips 101

job interview tips

In a society where for every single job opening there are hundreds of competitors, it is important to set yourself ahead. There are certain factors that will make you stand out both for the good and the bad. From how you dress to the way you speak, these are a few tips for the next job opportunity you have!


1. Always arrive early!
By early that means at least 15 minutes before the interview. Don’t appear antsy. You may have to fill out some additional paperwork or provide multiple forms of identification. Let the receptionist know you have arrived and sit patiently.

2. Dress the part!
Let’s be honest, nobody wants to hire anybody that smells. Shower (seems obvious but you would be surprised) and make sure your clothes are ironed and crisp. Get your haircut the day before. Keep your makeup simple! Excluding an interview at Sephora or MAC, no job will be impressed by your dramatic smoky eye. Your jewelry should also be simple, not bold. Let your interview speak for you, not your neon red necklace.

3. Cover your tattoos!
Again, assuming you aren’t interviewing for a job at LA Ink, your ink should be covered. Even though its 2015 and the general opinion of tattoos is changing, we still haven’t crossed a threshold of them being entirely okay. With 12 tattoos myself, I am all about showing off my ink. But I also understand the way corporate America works. You should remember that the person who interviews you could very well be your parents’ age. Parents (at least mine and all my friends) are not the biggest fans of tattoos.

4. Ask the interviewers questions!
People inherently love to talk about themselves. At the end of almost any interview you will be asked, “So do you have any questions?”. It is at this point you are able to leave a lasting impression. Ask your interviewer how they started in the company or where they went to college. This is a rather rare interview tip that will impress your potential employer. Whatever they say – even if it is “my best friend’s mom knew the CEO and that’s how I got my job” – seem intrigued. Replies like, “That’s pretty cool” or, “Wow really? How interesting” – employers want an employee that is relatable.

5. Make them laugh!
By no means should you share your favorite knock-knock joke, but a laugh will almost always leave a lasting impression. Who doesn’t love to smile?

6. Sell yourself!
It’s 2015 baby, there are at least 5-10 people right in front of you and behind you in line for the same job you want. You need to show the interviewer why you are special. What makes you any different? Why should you get a competitive salary, benefits and paid vacation? Confidence is impressive, cockiness is not. Appear unique to your employer but do not seem as if you are auditioning for a high school talent show.

7. Thank them!
Whether you get hired or not this person took time from their business day to potentially offer you a job. Even if you decided midway through the interview that not even your dream salary could convince you to work for that employer- still leave graciously. Shake their hand firmly, thank them for the opportunity and walk out with confidence.

Good Luck!

Marisa Mendez

Marisa is a media personality, while also working on the digital side of things for some of hip-hop's biggest names. She has done work with French Montana, Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and many more.

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