Marisa Mendez on Derek Gaines & Monroe Martin’s ‘No Need For Apologies’ Podcast [Episode 103]

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Huge thank you to the hilarious comedic duo of Derek Gaines (King Of Staten Island, The Last OG) and Monroe Martin (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) for having me on! Per their description:

Hot 97’s Marisa Mendez Joins Derek Gains and Monroe Martin on an all new episode of No Need For Apologies! On this one Marisa and the guys talk about Marisa unconventional way into the spotlight, threesums, and rappers she’s “totally’ not been with, her new podcast “Marisa Explains it All” Goes into depth about all these experiences! Check it out! @marisamendez ,@nnfapodcast, @monroemartiniii, @thegreatboy, @bmackayisright, @dylanjnegri, @gasdigital

Listen below!
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The J-Train Podcast “The Rosa Parks of Male Ass Play” ft. Marisa Mendez


I was super honored to join comedian Jared Freid at the famed Comedy Store in Los Angeles to be a guest on his JTrain podcast! Check out the description below and listen here!

Marisa Mendez from Hot 97 and the Marisa Explains It All Podcast joins Jared from The Comedy Store to answer your emails about following protocol in DMs, daydreaming about other women, and feeling insecure. Check it out, and enjoy!

Marisa Mendez Featured on ‘Entertainment Tonight: Live’


This was SO amazing! Entertainment Tonight randomly shot me an email and asked if I wanted to join their conversation about music festivals in just two hours. Of course I said yes, and then I had to scramble to get my workout in and camera-ready in less than 120 minutes. Naturally I rose to the occasion (duh!), and the result was this. So cool! I don’t know how to search on ET’s website but if you want to try for yourself, check here. Otherwise, deal with the really cute screenshot above that Sasha captured, and the bootleg video of a video that I used for Instagram below.
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Improper Etiquette [Episode 100: “Swingin’ These Tits”] ft. Marisa Mendez


I’m on a podcast tour this month, LOL! While in NYC for Thanksgiving, I joined Laura and Leah for big episode 100! Here is their description:

The ladies discuss the ins and outs of their self-grooming regime, Serena Williams GQ controversy and J-LO getting involved in A-rod’s Child support case. Laura puts us on to some of her favorites on Netflix and may or may not have done Ayahuasca! Marisa fills us in on experiences with therapy, details a lackluster threesome and the creepy story of The New Jersey Watcher house. Enjoy!

Listen below!
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