LIT EVENTS: 10 More Best Take-Aways From the #JerseyMusicMeeting Part 2


For our 2nd edition of the Jersey Music Meeting, artists from all across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut were treated to some heavy knowledge bombs from a new round of panelists consisting of a few elite faces of the radio and music industries.

Taking over Elizabeth, NJ’s Dolce Lounge once again, our exclusive panel included Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff and Megan Ryte, Scottie Beam of the Hot 97 Morning Show, and Atlantic Records Director of A&R, Orlando Wharton.

Overall, we’d say that this time around, some good questions were definitely asked and the passion in the room was on a thousand! We’ve compiled another list to expound on all the free game that was given out last night, so think of this as your 2nd study guide to the music biz, and see our top 10 tips on artist development below! See tips from our last Jersey Music Meeting here.

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Editorial: Online Dating – Cardinal Rules


Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid, EHarmony, Match – they all have one thing in common: shitty people who are looking for somebody to share their time with. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit harsh – as online dating can certainly be generalized by those who haven’t had much luck (myself included.)

However, there are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed if you do become interested in the online love scene.

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[Editorial] Serenity in Solitude: Accepting Single Life During Bae Season


The leaves are changing and the air becomes crisp; everything is pumpkin-flavored and it gets darker earlier. What is it about all these things combined that makes everybody want a somebody? It’s given; a hand to hold and lips to kiss are enticing for anybody- we are human! But there is definitely something to be said about becoming happy with your own company.

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Throwback Thursday: How I Got Started In Blogging…And How You Can Too!


People ask me all of the time how I got started with Flex and how I launched my own site, which then leads them into asking me how to go about doing so for themselves. To answer all of your questions in one place, I’ll break down a brief history of how I got started, and then share some tips on how to either start your own site, or to become a part of one that’s already out there.
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Drake’s Vocal Coach Reveals The List Of Steps He Took To Improve His Voice

Drake x vocal coach

Since his introduction to the masses in 2009 (2007 if you ask the hardcore fans,) Drake has steadily progressed his skills as a rapper and a singer. While progression in rapping is more about the writing, it takes a complete lifestyle change to improve one’s singing, and his vocal coach Dionne Osborne recently revealed what it was that Drizzy did to do so.

Find out what Drake did below.
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Perfect For A 2 A.M. Turn-Up: 7 Sex Tips From Adrian Marcel

LifeIsTremendez_Adrian Marcel x Marisa Mendez

Last week, I caught up with Mr. “2 A.M.” himself, Adrian Marcel. As it’s quite clear what’s going on at such hours of the night, I decided to get a few sex tips from the Bay Area native. “Not to say that I’m some guru or whatnot,” Adrian joked about his level of expertise, “But I’m very great at it.” Check out his 7 tips for the bedroom below!
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