(Photos) Machine Gun Kelly Premieres ‘Beyond The Lights’ [Cleveland, OH]


This past Thursday night, Machine Gun Kelly gave his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio a special screening of his big-screen debut Beyond The Lights before it hits theaters on November 14. Having forged a friendship with Kells and his crew over the last year+, I had to make my way to the 216 to support…and I can honestly say I had the most amazing trip I’ve had my entire year.

The day after meeting everyone’s family at the premiere (which was really cool since you don’t often get to see that side of your friends in the industry,) myself, Kells, his manager (and my good friend) Ashleigh and their videographer Casey piled up in a rented mini-van (LOL – needed it for all the equipment and people) and drove through a pretty rough area of Cleveland. As we were driving to shoot the video to his new single and Kells was showing me where he went to school, where Slim went to school, where he, Slim and Dub first lived, the radio was playing a commercial that proudly advertised “our very own Machine Gun Kelly” in his starring role, and it was a moment I can’t even find the words to describe.
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(Video) Marisa Mendez on MTV Rapfix


I had the honor of guesting on MTV Rapfix, courtesy of the homie Rob Markman. As an “industry insider,” I listed my current favorite songs, which were:

  • J. Cole – “Lights Please”
  • >T-Pain ft. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen – “5 O’Clock”
  • Rick Ross ft. Nicki Minaj – “You The Boss”

Big shout out to Mobb Deep, who were the guests on the episode! Check out the clip below.
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