Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 12/1/16


J. Cole will be dropping a brand new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, in exactly one week on Friday, December 9. The pre-order has gone live, revealing there will be 10 tracks on the album. The release date is the exact same day as Cole released his double platinum effort, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, two years ago – so clearly he enjoys December 9!

Shortly after the announcement, Cole released a 40-minute documentary on TIDAL called Eyez, and it included a visual for one of the album’s songs, “False Prophets.” The lyrics are rather interesting, as Cole appears to be not only gunning for Kanye West, but taking some jabs at his homie Wale as well!

Check out the lyrics and the documentary below, along with the rest of today’s biggest stories!
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 10/26/16


Sevyn Streeter was tapped to sing the National Anthem at tonight’s 76ers home opener vs. the Oklahoma Thunder. Unfortunately, she never made it to the stage.

According to a video Sevyn posted from backstage, the organization decided to ax her performance because of her “We Matter” jersey. How pathetic. The 76ers soon released a statement, saying:

We use our games to bring people together, to build trust and to strengthen our communities. As we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will continue to leverage our platform to positively impact our community.”

I’m so disappointed! Check out what Sevyn had to say below, as well as today’s biggest stories.
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 10/11/16


Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against – a gossip site that posts literally anything they feel like making up, and tries to pass it off as fact. Because of its popularity and sometimes (but rarely) factual stories, most people believe what they read on there, and it ends up causing a lot of issues for the innocent parties they’re lying about. This time, it’s Kim, and she’s had enough of their ish!

According to TMZ, the media maven alleges the website cited “random people off social media” as its sources during her recent robbery in Paris, and reported tons of false info – including that “French authorities” suspected Kim had let the group of armed men into the apartment herself, questioning the validity of her insurance claim on the stolen jewelry.

I know MTO has been sued before, and clearly it didn’t do much if they’re still alive and kicking. The owner of the site is actually a former lawyer himself, so he tends to know his way around things. Let’s see if Kim gives them a run for their money this time.

Hit the jump for the rest of today’s biggest stories!
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 9/30/16

Freddie Gibbs

What was likely the worst summer of Freddie Gibbs‘ life is now officially over, literally (since it’s Fall) and figuratively. After being arrested in Paris in June for a rape accusation from a woman in Austria, the Indiana rapper has officially been found not guilty.

He was immediately allowed to leave Austria (where he was extradited to last month, after being held in a Paris jail,) and is now back in the States with his fiancée and their infant daughter.

His lawyer says in a statement to FakeShoreDrive:

“Today, September 30, 2016 Freddie Gibbs was found not guilty. We have always maintained unconditionally and without any doubt that Freddie would be and now has been fully exonerated and completely vindicated. We are pleased and thankful that the Court recognized the same trust and confidence we and all of his fans have had in Freddie that justified and resulted in his absolute acquittal. Immediately after his acquittal I spoke with Freddie who expressed his deeply sincere, heartfelt gratitude and thanks to his fiancé Erica Dickerson for her unwavering support, for the steadfast and incomparable loyalty of his long time friend and manager Ben “Lambo” Lambert, for the extraordinary work and effort of his lawyers and for the overwhelming outpouring of love he has received from his fans. He says, “Thank you!”

While we are appreciative of the verdict of not guilty, nothing has changed. The actual facts have always demonstrated that Freddie was and is 100% innocent. It is now self-evident he was wrongly accused. The trial has confirmed our belief that after a searching and complete investigation and trial the true and actual facts would be revealed – that there always was an absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence that would warrant in any way such an accusation.

Freddie and his family look forward to returning to the States so he can resume his life and career.”

So happy to hear, Freddie! Check out the rest of today’s biggest stories below.
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(Photos + Video) The Full Breakdown of The Game vs. Meek Mill


During his performance in Miami on Monday night, The Game called out Meek Mill – which came out of left field, especially since the pair just collaborated last year.

“When you see me n***a, square up,” Game said, later adding, “Meek Mill not snitching on me. I never heard of that… F*ck that n***a.”
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 9/16/16

There was SO much going on today! I will get into the Game vs. Meek Mill beef in a separate post because it’s just too complex, but we have to get into Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle‘s surprise birth announcement, Nick Gordon being found guilty in the lawsuit over Bobbi Kristina‘s death and of course – Max B‘s shortened sentence!

The news was first announced by Wiz Khalifa, who has always been a champion of Max and names him as one of his biggest inspirations. (He’s also who publicly called out Kanye West when he was trying to name his album Waves.)

Taking to Twitter, Wiz wrote, “Max B is coming home. Sentence got shortened. Looks like the Gang will be working wit the Wave.” Max B was sentenced in 2009 after being convicted in 2006 for a botched robbery at a hotel in New Jersey, and was sentenced to 75 years. He has served seven years thus far at the New Jersey State Prison. Continue Reading