(Photos) A Breakdown Of Every XXL Freshmen Class Before This Year – Which Was The Most Successful?


Every year, the annual XXL Freshmen cover creates a huge buzz, opening the door to much debate about whether these coveted 10 artists deserve the spotlight as “the next big thing.” Since its inception in 2008, the cover has become bigger and bigger, now being practically a rite of passage for new artists in the game.

With this year’s cover being announced yesterday morning (featuring Kamaiyah, A Boogie With The Hoodie, MadeInTYO, XXXTentacion, PnB Rock, Aminé, Playboi Carti, Ugly God, Kap G and Kyle,)  I wanted to break down each class and try to decipher which has been the most successful thus far. Check out my breakdown below and the covers in the gallery – and then give us your opinions in the comments and on Twitter!

(P.S. This year’s class was toooooooooo easy and safe. And Kamaiyah should have been on it LAST year because she’s BEEN dope.)
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 1/6/17


There’s so much drama happening in Fetty Wap‘s world, and thanks to my favorite IG account @TeaTenders__, I’m up on all of it!

Tonight, A$AP Rocky decided to troll the New Jersey rapper, posting a pic of what looked like the booty of Fetty‘s new girl, Blu. The caption was “UH HUHH,” and after a few minutes, Rocky decided to tag her and confirm it is indeed Blu. TeaTenders quickly did some digging and it turns out Blu was on set of Rocky‘s Summer Jam performance as a dancer…but Rocky‘s pic looks like a BED. He has since changed the caption to “Summer Jam 16.” Oh man!

Meanwhile, Fetty and Blu are all smiles on Snapchat…and Alexis Sky posted a photo holding hands with Offset from Migos, confirming they’re definitely an item. She also went on IG Live to make fun of Blu and say she got her “hand me down” house, since Alexis used to live in Fetty‘s Atlanta house with him, but he’s currently there with Blu. (Blu is from New York, though.)

Check out all the pics below, along with the rest of today’s biggest stories!
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Weekend Recap Ending 1/1/17


The biggest story this weekend was by far Mariah Carey‘s NYE flub. As you know, the songstress performed at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and had quite the lip-syncing malfunction. She awkwardly got through the first song, “Auld Lang Syne,” but then “Emotion” played with no vocals, and she was unable to lip-sync to anything so she walked around on stage saying that she “can’t hear” and that they “didn’t have a check for this song, so we’ll just say it went to number one… I’m going to say let the audience sing.”

Afterward, her team called out ABC for it, saying that they knew her ear piece wasn’t working but had promised it would be fine for the performance. They also say the teleprompter with the lyrics wasn’t on, and at one point, ABC execs even changed the battery pack for her ear piece saying that’s probably why she can’t hear. In other words, this is all their fault and they knew it. Even in the pre-interview with Ryan Seacrest, you can hear Mimi tell him that she can barely hear him.

Mariah‘s team say that after the performance, people from Dick Clark Productions were “screaming” about the malfunction, with one production person saying, “I don’t care that her ears didn’t work. She could’ve just winged it.” This, they say, is further proof that it wasn’t Mariah‘s fault. Dick Clark Productions says Mariah‘s claim of sabotage is defamatory, but her team says she did Dick Clark Productions a favor after they begged for her to sing, and she did it for free.

Meanwhile, a man named Mike McKnight, who is reportedly Mariah‘s sound engineer, took to Facebook revealing that ABC wouldn’t let Mariah bring her own sound people. I don’t know, I’m with Mimi on this one. I know how hard it gets to hear ANYTHING on stage, and you can’t sing if you can’t hear the music – especially at her pitch. What do you think? Check out the videos below, along with the rest of the weekend’s stories!
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 12/7/16


J. Cole is the king of being low key, and if this rumor is true, his reign will remain uncontested.

Someone at iTunes was tasked with listening to Cole‘s new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, and writing a description before its release tomorrow, December 9. Whether it was all part of Cole‘s plan to announce this information or they didn’t know it was a secret is unknown, but they revealed that Cole is now a father – should they have interpreted his lyrics properly.

The review says that one of the themes touched upon on the album is “the responsibility of fatherhood,” while adding that on “She’s Mine,” he even reveals the gender!

“The two-part suite “She’s Mine” may be the most important song he’s written, as Cole hovers over his daughter & finds himself overcome by a strange feeling: hope.”

If this is true, congrats to Cole and Melissa! Check out the iTunes review below, along with the rest of today’s biggest stories.
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Short N’ Sweet Clicks: Daily News Recap 10/7/16


In very unsurprising news, Donald Trump is a sexist, rape-y, nasty idiot. Audio has leaked of the Presidential hopeful in 2005, where he was telling Billy Bush how easy it is for celebs to get with women, saying he can go up to anyone and kiss them or even “grab them by the pussy.” He was newly married at the time, by the way.

It has since been discovered that the woman he was discussing on the tape, Nancy O’Dell, had turned him down and that’s why he was upset. He would go on to try to fire her from hosting the Miss USA pageant two years later for being “too pregnant.”

Trump has issued a half-assed apology, saying he’s changed since then but also saying that Bill Clinton has done way worse, and that Hillary has shamed and bullied Bill‘s victims. Robert DeNiro said he wants to punch Trump in the face, and even his own Republicans are turning against him, as seen in this news clip. It’s lit.
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Recap: Amber Rose’s Slut Walk 2016


Amber Rose held her second annual Slut Walk this year, and it was bigger and better than ever! For those misinformed (like Benzino – explanation in the gallery,) the Slut Walk is NOT an event to promote women being promiscuous. Instead, it is an extension of an ALREADY EXISTING BEFORE AMBER event, that was created after a rape victim was told by a police officer that if she hadn’t dressed “like a slut,” she wouldn’t have been raped. Thus, the message is one of empowerment for women, driving home the point that they should be able to dress however they feel,and that it never, ever is an excuse for men to rape them. It also looks to ditch double standards, as Amber has been labeled all types of names because she’s dated around since splitting from Wiz, but Wiz has been honored as “the man” for doing the very same thing.

Last year, Amber had trouble getting fellow celebs to come out – perhaps because they may not have understood the positive message – but this year, there were plenty of people there to support! Perez Hilton and Frenchie Davis hosted the event, which featured performances from both Trina and Love & Hip-Hop’s Mariah Lynn. Also spotted were Blac Chyna, Kendra Wilkinson, DJ Duffey and Instagram sensations Joanne The Scammer and TiTi (BlameItOnKWay.)

Check out pics and video below!
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(Photos + Video) The Full Breakdown of The Game vs. Meek Mill


During his performance in Miami on Monday night, The Game called out Meek Mill – which came out of left field, especially since the pair just collaborated last year.

“When you see me n***a, square up,” Game said, later adding, “Meek Mill not snitching on me. I never heard of that… F*ck that n***a.”
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