Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel Call Hot 97 From Jail

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel call Hot 97 from jail_LifeIsTremendez

Last week, Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning show was got Bobby Shmurda on the phone to get an update on his move from Rikers to PC at the Manhattan Detention Complex. Unfortunately, the call got cut short, originally believed to be by police, despite Bobby‘s pre-approval for the call. However, it turns out that it was Hot’s phone. C’mon son!

This time, Bobby had his boy Rowdy Rebel with him, and both guys seemed to be in great spirits as they talked to Ebro, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg about Bobby‘s “shady” uncle, the lack of support from Epic Records and their parent company, Sony, Bobby‘s need for a manager (and hopes that it will be 50 Cent) and more.

Rowdy on when they think they’re getting out:

Right now, we just need somebody to be confident in us, you feel me? Know we ain’t ready to run nowhere or nothing and f*ck up they bail money, you know? Right now we have to leave it up to our lawyers.

On Bobby‘s “uncle,” who has spoken to the media multiple times, saying he’s trying to “help” his nephew:

That n*gga trying to rob me on some sh*t, man. That n*gga a lying ass n*gga, man! That’s not even my real uncle, man. That n*gga a liar, man. That n*gga trying to sue me right now, now that I’m in jail. That n*gga a lying ass n*gga. He made a sh*t ton [of money off me.] I had him managing me at first. Right now I don’t got no manager. I’m looking for a manager right now. I don’t got no manager right now, I’m looking for a manager while I’m in jail. I had him managing me, so a lot of money came up missing. Like 100 bands came up missing my first month, you feel me? That n*gga’s a hood nigga, so it’s like he couldn’t stomach the fact that I was making more money than him. Feel me?

Listen to the full interview below.

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