Marisa Explains It All [Episode 80: “Can I Sue The Ocean?” ft. Symba]


My birthday weekend has come to an end and boy, was it eventful! From boating to partying to a trip to Oakland to sex in the back of my car and a valuable lesson I learned after it – we got it all covered on this one! LOL! Plus, we have Bay Area artist Symba slide through for some REAL TALK!

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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 78: “Cheesecake Kisses”]


I’m super excited to announce the addition of my homie Super Fran to the cast of MEIA! He’s from the Bay and he’s hella funny and rude and has worked in music for a long time and fits right in with me and Zombz and the gang!

This week, we discuss first date etiquette, the rules to marrying for a green card, the Clermont Twins‘ scams, how my dating situation is going and much more.

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(Photos) G-Funk Documentary Screening [Los Angeles, CA]


Via their description:
LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 10: Media personality Marisa Mendez and producer/rapper Mike Zombie seen at YouTube Originals Presents G FUNK Documentary Screening at Snoop Dogg‘s Compound on July 10, 2018. (Photo by A Turner Archives)

My own notes:
This was THE dopest party I’ve ever attended in LA! It felt like the early 90s! Snoop Dogg was obviously there, as well as Warren G, Mack 10, Kurupt, Xzibit and so many more iconic west coast figures! The screening was held in the lot of Snoop‘s compound, and prior to the film, everyone was just kicking it and the vibe was too cool! So honored to have been there. Check out the film on YouTube now!
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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 77: “Jimmy…Who?”]


Joyce wrote a really maj description this week so I’ll let her tell it:

This week Marisa, Joyce and Prime hold it down, and the birthday guests of honor show up late (Ariela)/ don’t show up at all (Mike) to their own pizza party. Womp womp.

Marisa discusses her new actor #bae Jimmy Tatro (how do we pronounce his last name, we still don’t know), Joyce probably pisses off some vegans and vegetarians, Marisa makes a paparazzi friend, and we *report* on some entertainment controversies.

We also talk 80’s and 90’s, how Joyce is a baby, and how Marisa is a psychic, and how she predicted LeBron coming to LA.

Stream episode 77 “Jimmy….Who?” below, subscribe on iTunes here and get DASH HERE! You can also email us at!
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(Photos) Me Doing Misc. Cool Shit – June 2018


I did a lot of dope shit this month…and barely took pictures of anything! SMH!

I kicked June off with a week-long trip back home to the east side. While I was there I visited Rosenberg‘s Complex show, Open Late, kicked it with the fam at Ebro In The Morning, hosted Zombie‘s fourth annual celebrity basketball game in his hometown of Willingboro, NJ and my favorite of all – Summer Jam!

Upon my return, Netflix hosted a really dope activation in LA, celebrating their strong black leads. I did a cute boomerang vid there at least, but I can’t embed it on the site so just use your imagination to envision how cool it was. Ha!

BET Weekend was next up and man, it was a LOT! The only pics I got from that are a really blurry selfie with Zombz, and a hilarious video of an unbothered me in front of many strippers at Blac Youngsta‘s party. Unfortunately, IG took the video down, so now all I have is a screenshot of it. LOL!

The month ended with my girl Nicky‘s #MoneyMoves workshop for her Her Own Lane brand, and it was amazing to see so many dope, goal-oriented women in one room. It inspired me to put together my own event for women who want to break into media, so stay tuned!
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