Marisa Explains It All [Episode 94: “Nova Explains Nothing”] ft. Abby Jasmine


Following Thanksgiving break, we’re joined by my girl – social media star and rapper, Abby Jasmine. We discussed how to take fire nudes, how Abby became a social media star, whether it’s important for younger artists to listen to music of the OGs and more!

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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 93: “Appetite for Discussion”] ft. Jamal Jimoh


While back in NYC for some early Thanksgiving celebrations, our MEIA OG co-host Jamal Jimoh and OG camera man Alexx Media joined me at a random Friday’s for a new episode. We talked the passing of Kim Porter (RIP), my therapy breakthrough, Brittany Renner and more!

Watch episode 93, “Appetite for Discussion,” below, subscribe on iTunes here and on YouTube HERE! You can also email us at!
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Improper Etiquette [Episode 100: “Swingin’ These Tits”] ft. Marisa Mendez


I’m on a podcast tour this month, LOL! While in NYC for Thanksgiving, I joined Laura and Leah for big episode 100! Here is their description:

The ladies discuss the ins and outs of their self-grooming regime, Serena Williams GQ controversy and J-LO getting involved in A-rod’s Child support case. Laura puts us on to some of her favorites on Netflix and may or may not have done Ayahuasca! Marisa fills us in on experiences with therapy, details a lackluster threesome and the creepy story of The New Jersey Watcher house. Enjoy!

Listen below!
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The Red Pill Podcast [Episode 39: “Judge This Podcast”] ft. Brittany Renner and Marisa Mendez

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6

Via Van‘s description:

Brittany Renner and Marisa Mendez join Van in this week’s Red Pill to discuss Brittany’s newest tell all book, Judge This Cover, where she goes into detail about her sexual experiences with some of these famous men and their behavior issues amongst other things she had noticed.

Listen below!
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