Marisa Explains It All [Episode 111: “Pterodactyl Activity”]


This week’s episode is pretty much just a bunch of random shit so – that’s my summary.

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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 110: “All Money In”] ft. @Hire_Women


It’s a somber week this week with the passing of not only Nipsey Hussle, but a personal friend of mine as well. The latter was sadly from suicide, and we discuss the reality of dealing with that, and then it’s a whole lot of Nipsey. We end the episode getting some insight and inspo from Jocelyn of Meet The Industry and the Hire Women agency, and her story is amazing and ALL about what we stand for at MEIA!

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‘Trap Kitchen: Bangin’ Recipes From Compton’ Included in TimeOut’s Best of Los Angeles Cookbooks of 2018


The publisher of our cookbook sent me this link today, and I’m so honored! TimeOut named Trap Kitchen: Bangin’ Recipes From Compton in their list of best cookbooks that came out of Los Angeles in 2018. You can check out the full list here, but I also took screenshots and pasted their review below just in case!
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Marisa Explains It All [Episode 108: “We Can’t Think of a Title”]


On this week of MEIA, Joyce and I discuss a ton of random shit — including making a cooking show where we make great things in the microwave. LMAO!

Joyce‘s description is way funnier than anything I could write, though:

Hey guys – watch out, we have a #badbitchalert out for Marisa Mendez as her #badbitchmakeover is upon us. This week Joyce joins Mari and the two get right into Marisa’s diet and her grand plans to get her life right come summer. This means car washes and cooking, you got this girl! We giving out free Weight Watchers knowledge on this episode, as well as some exclusive, definitely umm gourmet, microwave recipes. We also get into this week’s trending topics – Gucci’s new diversity initiatives and the college admissions scandal. Marisa is cooler than all of us and got to see Us movie twice already, but don’t worry there are no spoilers.

Listen to episode 108 “We Can’t Think of a Title” below, subscribe on iTunes here and on YouTube HERE! You can also email us at!
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Marisa Mendez Featured on ‘Entertainment Tonight: Live’


This was SO amazing! Entertainment Tonight randomly shot me an email and asked if I wanted to join their conversation about music festivals in just two hours. Of course I said yes, and then I had to scramble to get my workout in and camera-ready in less than 120 minutes. Naturally I rose to the occasion (duh!), and the result was this. So cool! I don’t know how to search on ET’s website but if you want to try for yourself, check here. Otherwise, deal with the really cute screenshot above that Sasha captured, and the bootleg video of a video that I used for Instagram below.
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